What should I do if I need Tech Support?

Student Tech Support
Students can receive tech support for their iPad for issues such as apps not installing, forgotten passwords, failure to charge, damage to the device, or other issues by completing the form in the Tech Support app on the iPad. 
Look for this app on your iPad and complete the Tech Support form
tech help
If you are unable to access the app on the iPad, you can access it from the links below:    
At the High School,
  • Complete this form
  • Students will be contacted by Mr. Hollein in the Library Commons or by one of the PHD students (Peer Help Desk)
At the Middle School:
  • Complete this form
  • Students should take their iPad to the Middle School Office.  Students can also receive support from  Mr. Demko in the computer lab or from Mr. Forrest in the Library.
At Osborne Elementary, contact  Mr. Bodura in the computer lab 
  • Complete this form
  • Students will be contacted by Mr. Bodura in the Computer Lab
At Edgeworth Elementary:
  • Complete this form 
  • Students will be contacted by Mr. May in the Computer Lab