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If you are a family in housing transition or a student staying temporarily in someone else’s home or living on your own, please call the District registration office at 412-749-3617 after completing the online registration form for assistance with your registration. You have certain educational rights under the McKinney-Vento Assistance Act.

Registration for All Grades

QVSD utilizes an online registration process through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. You are not required to print any of the forms.  Our office will be notified through the PowerSchool system that you have completed them.


Registration for the Fall term is not accepted until February of the enrollment year.  Per School Board Policy 201 Admission of Students, a child should be 5 (five) years of age by September 1 to enroll in kindergarten. For a child who will be 5 (five) years of age by October 1, please read School Board Policy 201 for early admission criteria. Please see the Kindergarten Information page for additional information.

Two-step Online Registration

Please read this in its entirety before beginning the registration process.

Part 1: Pre-registration request  

Complete the information on the Pre-Registration Form from a computer, tablet, or mobile device. You must complete this information for EACH child that you wish to enroll.  

Once the preregistration has been submitted, please check for an email from [email protected].  This email will indicate that your pre-registration has been approved and you may now continue with the registration process through the PowerSchool Parent Portal, or your registration is on hold as additional clarification is needed.  Please allow at least two school days to receive this email.  Be sure to check your SPAM and junk folders.  If you do not receive this email, contact [email protected]

Part 2: Student Registration 

Create a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

Type www.qvps.org/public into your internet browser and choose the “Create Account” tab.  Please save your username and password to be able to log in again.  You will also need the Access ID and Access Password provided in the confirmation email to continue creating the account.

NOTE: If you already have a parent portal account, you use the same account to register additional children.  Access the PowerSchool website at www.qvps.org/public and choose “Sign In” with your previously created login information.  Select ‘Account Preferences’ on the left side, and then the Student tab.  Click the “+” button to the right of the screen and add the name of additional children you are registering using the Access ID and Access Password provided in the confirmation email.

Complete the Registration Forms

With your PowerSchool Parent Portal access ID and access password, choose the name of the child you are enrolling.

Select “Forms” in the Navigation Menu on the left. Complete each form by selecting the tabs beneath the blue heading with the child’s name. There are six forms.  You must “Submit” each form when finished, or you may “Save for Later” to finish at another time. All forms will need to be completed for EACH child you are registering.  All forms will need to be completed for EACH child you are registering.

To check the status of the application, log into the Parent Portal, go to Forms, and select the Enrollment tab. Each form will show approved, pending, and/or rejected. 

If your form is denied, you will receive a message with the reason and be given an opportunity to correct or update the form.

Once all forms have been approved, you will be contacted by a district representative to discuss enrollment, including start date, scheduling, transportation, etc.

Required Documents

It is HIGHLY recommended that you have the documents available in a digital format PRIOR to completing the registration forms.  If you do not have the documents available at the time you are completing the registration, select “Save for Later” and return to the registration process when you have digital copies. If you have questions about digital documents, please contact [email protected] for assistance.  Keep in mind, the entire process should be completed within 5 days of the email you receive from PowerSchool.

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to upload the following documents: 

  • Child’s Proof of Age: Copy of Birth Certificate or passport
  • Child’s Proof of Immunization: A physician’s statement/record of immunizations.
    For more information about required immunizations, view the School Immunization Regulations. If your child’s immunizations are not current, s/he will not be permitted to attend school until immunizations are received and/or your physician indicates a plan to have the vaccine(s) administered.
  • Two Proofs of Residency: Acceptable documents include a deed, a lease, current utility bill, current credit card bill, property tax bill, vehicle registration, driver’s license or DOT identification card. Proof of residency documents must be dated within 30 days of submission.  Expired documents are not acceptable.  If applicable, you may complete the Certification of Residency

Additional required documents as applicable:

  • Students in grades 6 through 12 cannot be scheduled for courses without a current transcript and/or report card.
  • High school students who enroll after the start of their 9th-grade year from another PIAA school and wish to play sports must meet PIAA eligibility requirements. A proper transfer requires that parents complete and sign the PIAA Transfer Waiver Request Form.
  • Joint or Sole custody--A copy of a custody agreement indicating joint or sole custody.

All submissions will be reviewed by District Office personnel. If you have any questions, please call 412-749-3617 or email [email protected].

Non-Resident Enrollment

If you wish to enroll your child but are a resident of another school district, please call 412-749-3617 or email [email protected].  Quaker Valley School District will admit non-resident students from other school districts subject to the conditions in the Non-Resident Tuition Info and Application.

School Board Policy 200 Enrollment of Students outlines the District’s Elementary Building Assignment procedure for assigning students to our elementary buildings.