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Athletic Physicals for 2024-2025

Free Physicals - June 3, 2024

The free athletic physicals for student-athletes entering 9th through 12th grade for the 2024-25 school year, sponsored by Greater Pittsburgh Orthopedics and Greater Pittsburgh Physical Therapy, are scheduled for Monday June 3rd starting at 4:30pm. The physicals will take place at the Sewickley Office of Greater Pittsburgh Orthopedics Associates. Their office is located on the first floor of the Critmore Building at 1099 Ohio River Blvd.  Appointments are first come, first served and you must call to sign up.

To sign your son or daughter up for a physical please call Greater Pittsburgh Physical Therapy at 412-741-5121 during their business hours which are: 
Monday & Wednesday: 8am to 7pm
Tuesday: 8am to 1pm
Thursday: 12pm to 7pm
Friday: 8am to 1pm

During your call you will be given your appointment time.  Do not leave a message.  Please arrive at your assigned time and not earlier. 

The QV athletic department has moved to all online paperwork through the Student Central Website.  After 6/1/24, each athlete and their parent/guardian will need to log into their accounts and update the athlete’s paperwork.  The site will walk you through what is required. 

If you have any questions using the Student Central site, please contact their customer service at 866-448-9438.

Regardless of where your athlete gets their 2024-25 school year physical, you will need to print out and complete Section 5 (Health History) and Section 6 (Initial Pre-Participation Physical and Certification of Authorized Medical Examiner) and take those with you to the physical appointment.  The medical professional who is performing the physical will need to review the Section 5 form and then will fill out and sign the Section 6 form.  Please make sure that they remember to date the Section 6 form! 

Once you have the Section 6 form completed, you will then upload that to your student-athlete’s Student Central account.  We will not be accepting paper copies of the physical forms. 

Please remember that physicals for the 2024-25 school year must be done on or after 6/1/24.  Physicals performed prior to 6/1/24 that are within a year are permitted but the medical professional who performed that physical must review the previous physical and then sign the new form with the date the physical was performed and the date in which they reviewed it which must be on or after 6/1/24. 

Checklist to sign up for a physical on Monday June 3rd:

  1. Call Greater Pittsburgh Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment.
  2. Print off Section 5 and Section 6 of the PIAA physical packet. (see documents below)
  3. Fill out Section 5 and the top of Section 6.
  4. Bring Section 5 and Section 6 with you to your appointment.
  5. Once the Section 6 is completed, upload it to your athlete’s Student Central account.

Sports that Require Physical Exams:
Basketball (Boys/Girls)
Cross Country (Boys/Girls)
Ice Hockey
Lacrosse (Boys/Girls)
Soccer (Boys/Girls)
Tennis (Boys/Girls)
Track (Boys/Girls)