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Self-Directed Learning (SDL)

Designed to foster talent development in areas of students’ personal strengths and interests, the SDL experience will be personally crafted by each student after analysis of individualized data produced on various learning style and interest inventories completed in grade 9.  SDL experiences are highly individualized and require students to develop and practice skills such as time management, initiative, communication, problem-solving, perseverance, and independence as they work to achieve their goal.  Through the experience, students will become practicing professionals and connect with a career mentor for guidance.  Students may create an experience that is uniquely theirs or may design an initiative in conjunction with an established program or activity approved by the principal.  The SDL experience will meet the Experiential Learning requirement for graduation. 
Students will earn Micro-Credentials for mastered competencies and skills they can demonstrate with evidence as a result of their experience and share their learning at a Press Conference.
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