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Industry-Based Learning (IBL)

The Importance of Industry-Based Learning (IBL)


Pennsylvania’s economic future depends on having a well-educated and skilled workforce prepared to meet the current and projected demands of a global, 21st century economy. To help meet this challenge, Quaker Valley High School is committed to ensuring all students have access to opportunities that prepare them for meaningful engagement in postsecondary education, in workforce training, in career pathways, and as responsible, involved citizens.  Regardless of their individual postsecondary plans, all students should graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to succeed in learning, work, and life.


To support students in making meaningful connections between their interests, strengths, and skills and the world of work, students will engage with one or more of the IBL opportunities from the list below that best meets their current education and post-high school planning needs.  Students will be encouraged to incorporate an IBL option into their Self-Directed Experiential Learning requirement when appropriate.  Click on the links below for additional information about specific opportunities.


Career Mentoring

Internships & Enrichment Programs

Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Service Learning Opportunities

In order to earn credits, students must complete an IBL Action Plan and IBL Reflection in Naviance as well as the applicable supporting evidence below.