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Career Exploration = Wayfinding

Amy Keller
Career Education Coordinator
[email protected]
At QVSD it is our goal that students graduate with the ability to identify and pursue life opportunities that "fit" with their values, interests, strengths, and skills.
High school is an ideal time for students to develop this life-long skill of Wayfinding.  The 21st century workforce must be agile to adapt to changing circumstances and innovative technologies.  Now is the time for students to increase their self-awareness by leaning into experiences and practicing ways of working.  Wayfinding helps students articulate what works for them and their productive next steps after high school. 
Check out the links to the right (below on mobile) for available opportunities in...
Career Mentoring, Internships, Enrichment Programs, Pre-Apprenticeships, Service Learning, Contests & Competitions, Local Jobs, and Post-High School training beyond college!
Students will collect artifacts that highlight their learning through an Individualized Career Portfolio in Naviance Student.
Throughout their time in high school, students will engage in opportunities that encourage thinking and learning about Individual interests, strengths & skills and the world of work.  Students will practice ways of working through experiential learning opportunities.  Through these opportunities, we hope to develop wayfinding skills in our students.  These short videos explain WHY this approach is important for our students as they prepare for their futures.
Students' experiences and learning will be documented and stored in Naviance Student, which serves as each student's career portfolio.
The concept of Wayfinding generates from the MyWays Competencies developed by Next Generation Learning.