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Creating a Parent Account in PowerSchool
Parents/guardians will need an Access ID and Access Password for each child to create an account in PowerSchool.  Please be sure you have these prior to beginning this process.  If you do not have these, contact Quaker Valley's Student Information Specialist Sandra Eaton at [email protected].
To create your parent account in PowerSchool, go to and click on the PowerSchool icon on the webpage.  
qv homepage













Select the Create Account tab and then click Create Account at the bottom of the page. create account tab



















Enter the information to create your parent account.  Be sure to have an Access ID and Access Password for each child.  If you do not have the Access ID or Access Password for each child, please contact Quaker Valley's Student Information Specialist Sandra Eaton at [email protected].


account information



Accessing Information in PowerSchool

login page 
To log in to PowerSchool as a parent/guardian, visit  Log in using your Username and Password selected when creating the account.  If assistance is needed remembering the username or password, use the Forgot Username or Password links on this page.
Once logged in, parents will be able to access information about their child(ren).  The Navigation menu on the left-hand side will provide access to a variety of information including grades and attendance, student schedules, school information, and account preferences. (If viewing on a web browser on a mobile device, look for a small black arrow to expand to see this navigation panel.) 
Review Email Notifications
email notifications
From the Navigation Panel, select Email Notifications to review your information and select the notifications to receive about your child(ren).  School Announcements and Balance Alerts are not used at this time.  
Parents/guardians can also select how often to receive these notifications and for which child(ren). 
Review Account Preferences
account preference
From the Navigation Panel, select Account Preferences to review profile information.  Be sure to click save after making any changes. 
account profile   
Parents/guardians may also add additional children in Account Preferences by selecting the Students tab.  The Access Code and Access Password for each child will be needed.  Contact Sandra Eaton at [email protected] if these codes and passwords are needed.
account preferences students  

Quaker Valley School District uses a learning management system called Schoology. Schoology is a web-based tool where all students can access course materials and assignments, access a course calendar, engage in remote learning activities, collaborate with peers through discussion boards, and receive communications from their teachers and the school principal. Each student who attends Quaker Valley has a Schoology account.  

Parents are also encouraged to participate in their child’s learning by having a parent Schoology account.  With a parent account, parents will be able to view their child’s courses which include all course content and materials posted by the teacher, and receive announcements from their child’s teachers and principal.  Parents will not be able to complete class assignments for their child(ren).  Student assignments must be completed through the child’s Schoology account. 

Here is a brief overview of Schoology for Parents


In order to access Schoology as a parent, parents must create an account:

How to Create a Parent Schoology Account:

Go to   Click Sign Up in the upper right corner of the page, and select Parent from the dropdown menu.

parent sign uip  





Enter the Parent Access Code.  This is a 12-digit code in xxxx-xxxx-xxxx format that you received in a letter in the mail.  If you do not have a parent access code, please contact Sandra Calgaro ([email protected]).

parent access code

Complete the form with your information and click Register to complete the process. 

What is the difference between a parent and student account in Schoology?

Schoology iPad (iOS) App


The Schoology iPad (iOS) App Navigation Menu allows you to quickly navigate to each essential location on the Schoology App. Tapping the navigation menu in the top left corner of the screen gives you immediate access to:

  • Your profile (tap your name)navigation menu
  • Messages
  • Notifications
  • Requests
  • Home
  • Courses
  • Groups
  • Resources
  • Grades
  • Calendar
  • People
  • Account Settings
  • Logout 
Upon accessing the Schoology iOS app on the iPad, either the Recent Activity area or the Course Dashboard is displayed by default. The Recent Activity area displays all of the most recent updates and blog posts that populate your Schoology homepage. The Course Dashboard displays your courses in a tiled list.

You can switch between the two views by tapping the clock icon or the tile icon at the bottom of the Home screen.

Recent Activity                                                                         Course Dashboard

recent activity       course dashboard

Visit the Schoology Mobile App Help Center for more specific information and how-to guides.


Below are some how-to videos:

How to View Materials (iPad)
How to Submit an Assignment (iPad)
How to Start an Assessment (iPad)
Schoology App Student Filter Options
How to View the Calendar (iPad)
PDF to Notability to Schoology (for Student iPad)
How to Participate in a Discussion (iPad)
How to View Teacher Feedback on the iPad
Adding Photos and Captions to a Media Album (iPad)
How to Message your Teacher (iPad)

Schoology Web Version using Safari or Chrome

Schoology can also be accessed from any web browser (open Safari or Chrome on the iPad).  The Site Header across the top allows students to switch between courses, groups, and resources.  
site header

On the right-hand side of the header, you'll find:  right side of header

  1. Search — Search people, courses, and groups.
  2. Calendar — View your master calendar with the course, group, and school events.
  3. Messages — Send a message, and view your sent and received messages with other Schoology users.
  4. Notifications — View your most recent notification 

At the bottom of every Schoology page, the new footer includes the following:site footer

  1. Language Selector — Use this menu to set the language of your Schoology experience.
  2. Support Center — Access the Support Center to view your Support Contacts and/or support options, as well as links to the Schoology Help Center and Community forums.
  3. Schoology Blog — Navigate to our blog, the Schoology Exchange.
  4. Privacy Policy — View our Privacy Policy.
  5. Terms of Use — View our Terms of Use.
Visit the  Getting Started on Schoology for Students Help Center.  

Below are some how-to videos:

How to View Materials (Web Version)
How to Rearrange Course Tiles (Web Version)
How to Submit an Assignment (Web Version)
How to Post a Discussion (Web Version)
How to Send a Message to your Teacher (Web Version)
How to Take an Assessment (Web Version
How to View Teacher Comments (Web Version)
How to Post an Audio or Video Response (Only possible on the Web Version)
How to Participate in a Media Album (Web Version)
Schoology Parent Account
Schoology Help Center Parent Guide
With the distribution of iPads comes an exciting world of instructional opportunities and strategies to engage our students in the 21st-century learning skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.
There are a number of excellent online educational resources that benefit students, many of which provide a unique learning and educational experiences.  Interactive web resources provide some of the most compelling and engaging educational tools for students.  Below is a list of Quaker Valley's online resources that are essential to our educational programming. 
Please click on the name of the resource to view the privacy policy.
District-wide Resources
Edgeworth and Osborne Elementary School Resources
Middle School Resources
Access to Apple's App Store and iTunes is restricted for QVSD students on their iPads.  In their place, all students will have an app called the App Portal.  Students may only download and use apps that have been approved by QVSD teachers and administration for classroom and school use.    There are different apps available for students in elementary, middle, and high school. 
Students should look for this app on their iPad.  
app portal
Within the App Portal students will see a list of apps that have been approved and are supported by QVSD for instructional purposes.
A few of these apps include: 
  • Google Drive:  G Suite for Education is a suite of free Google apps tailored specifically for schools.  G Suite tools are cloud-based and scale easily across classrooms.  The Docs, Sheets, and Slides tools contained in Google Drive allow students and teachers to store, share and organize assignments, documents, or class curriculum securely and access them from any device at any time.
google drive
  • Schoology:  Quaker Valley utilizes the learning management system Schoology.  With Schoology, students can digitally receive and submit assignments, access class materials and resources, participate in interactive group discussions, receive announcements, get feedback from the teacher, complete checks for understanding, and much, much more.
To install an app from the App Portal, students will: 
Tap on the App Portal app  
app portal
Touch the app to install (All apps are listed alphabetically.)  If you do not see a list of apps,  be sure that that the Apps tab is selected at the bottom of the screen.   
app list
Tap on the yellow install icon and then click Close on the confirmation message.  Tap the Home Button to return to the home page of the iPad.  The app may take a few minutes to install.  
yellow install

Is your QV iPad not working? Are the apps freezing? Here are three troubleshooting tips. 

1. Close all the apps.

Double click the home button. (The home button is at the bottom of the iPad.)
iPad Home Button
Swipe up to close all apps.  Reopen the app that you desire to use.  It should perform much better. 
swipe up
2.  Restart the iPad.  
Hold in the power button until you see the slide to power off.  
slide to power off
Then hold in the power button again until the Apple Logo appears.  Note:  When restarting the iPad, you should not lose any data: however, if you were in the process of entering data into an app, that data may become lost if not saved.  
Power button location for 6th Generation iPad (grades 6 - 12)
power button
Power button location for 7th Generation iPad (grades 3 - 5)
power button.
3.  Update your iOS on the iPad
In the settings app, tap on General, and then look at the Software Update area.  If there is a red number, then an iOS update is available.  Touch Software Update.
looking for iOS updates
On the next screen, touch download and install.  It may be helpful to do this overnight when the iPad is plugged in and charging.   
iOS update install
4.  iPad not charging?
Be sure that you are using an approved Apple iPad charger.  An iPhone charger will not charge your iPad your sufficiently.  
When not using your iPad, close all apps and tabs in Safari and Chrome.  
The iPad needs to be properly seated in the case for it to charge.  If you need help, see someone at your school to reseat the iPad.  
If using a personal/home device:

Restart your device
If you have a large number of applications or apps open, quitting the ones you are not using can improve performance. If restarting, make sure that all of your open documents are saved before restarting your device.
Mac | Windows PC | iPad | Chromebook

Update your operating system
Here are some resources to assist with updating your operating system to the latest version. QVSD student devices cannot be updated by the user.
Mac | Windows PC | iPad | Chromebook
Update your web browser and apps
Here are some resources to update your web browser and apps to the latest version..
Chrome | Firefox | Safari | Edge | iPad Apps
Student Tech Support
Students can receive tech support for their iPad for issues such as apps not installing, forgotten passwords, failure to charge, damage to the device, or other issues by completing the form in the Tech Support app on the iPad. 
Look for this app on your iPad and complete the Tech Support form
tech help
If you are unable to access the app on the iPad, you can access from the links below:    
At the High School,
  • Complete this form
  • Students will be contacted by Mr. Hollein in the Library Commons or by one of the PHD students (Peer Help Desk)
At the Middle School:
  • Complete this form
  • Students should take their iPad to the Middle School Office.  Students can also receive support from Mr. Forrest in the Library.
At Osborne Elementary, contact  Mr. Bodura in the computer lab 
  • Complete this form
  • Students will be contacted by Mr. Bodura in the Computer Lab
At Edgeworth Elementary:
  • Complete this form 
  • Students will be contacted by Mr. May in the Computer Lab
There are two ways to view your child's activity and assignments submissions in Schoology.  
The first is from the Schoology Homepage.
Click on the Most Recent dropdown (little black arrow) to view the following:  
  • Updates - messages from the principal
  • Submissions - assignments submitted in Schoology
  • Comments - messages from students to the teacher,  posts in discussions, and other communications
most recent dropdown
Select Submissions select submissions
This view then shows the date and time that an item was submitted in Schoology and any upcoming assignments that have been posted by the teacher.
submission view
To view more details about the specific assignment, click on the title in the list of submissions. 
submission view close up
Each assignment submission in Schoology is called a revision.  Click on the revision to see view the submission and to see more details.  A student may have several revisions for one assignment.  
revisions view
Another way to view assignments is from within the course.  
To view specific materials, click on the dropdown All Materials
Then click on an item type such as Assignments to view upcoming and past assignments from that specific course
To learn more about the item click on the title of the item.
materials view within a course
Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher should you have more questions about assignments and assignment submissions in Schoology.  
Schoology uses various icons to indicate the type of activity that has been posted in Schoology.
Please refer to the images and definitions below:
Folder icon
Folder:  Folders are used to organize content in the course.  Content can be organized by week, by day, or by other methods
Within Folders, teachers can upload various assignments.
Discussions: Discussions are used to provide students the opportunity to interact with each other and share their thoughts on a particular topic.  In a Discussion, students can reply to one another and "like" their peer posts.  Discussions can also be used as check-ins for daily attendance.
assignment logo
Assignment: Assignments are used to collect, view, and score student submissions.. Students can complete assignments with text, audio, and video submissions.
Page icon
Pages:  Pages are used by teachers to create learning activities that may involve video, text, links, and images.  Pages can be customized by the teacher with various fonts, colors, and other style options.  
assessment logo
Assessment:  Assessments are activity-based questions that students can complete.  There are many types of questions including matching, multiple-choice, and highlight images.  These may or may not be used for grades.  Often these assessment questions are used to help the teacher understand what the students know and understand.  
test quiz logo
Test/Quizzes:  Test/Quizzes questions have similar functionality as an assessment.  Types of questions include true-false, short answer, fill in the blank, matching, and ordering.  These may or may not be used for grades.  Often these assessment questions are used to help the teacher understand what the students know and understand.