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High School Curriculum

High School Curriculum Overview

The Quaker Valley High School offers a variety of academic courses designed to meet the needs and interests of all students.  Course offerings include rigorous core curriculum and a variety of elective courses providing many opportunities for students to earn college credit while in high school.  
In addition to traditional coursework, all Quaker Valley High School students complete a self-directed experiential learning course designed to foster talent development in areas of students’ personal strengths and interests.  These experiences focus on skills such as initiative, perseverance, time management, communication, responsibility, and problem-solving.  Quaker Valley High School also offers various learning opportunities outside of the classroom such as work-based learning, internships and apprenticeships. 

While all Quaker Valley High School students participate in a relevant, globally focused curriculum emphasizing 21st Century skill development, students who wish to independently explore global topics in more depth may earn the Global Scholars Credential as part of the Global Scholars Program. 


In addition to these course offerings, Quaker Valley also offers an eLearning program (QVO) that provides high quality, flexible educational opportunities including access to relevant academic and exploratory content. The purpose of these opportunities is to enhance the learning experiences of all students and to develop the skills necessary to compete in a global society.


Additional information and details related to these programs and course offerings can be found in the High School Program of Studies.

High School Program of Studies / Standards

Pennsylvania Standards | PA Common Core Standards | Common Core Standards

For information about individual courses, please contact the teacher. For additional curricular information, please contact the building principal.