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Accessing Lessons/Homework

Schoology is the District's learning management system. This is where students access individual teacher pages that contain course curriculum overviews, homework assignments, course calendars, handouts, and lessons used in online and hybrid learning. Teachers will also use this tool as a way to communicate with their students and families. Every student has a Schoology account. We also provide parent accounts for parents to view course materials. The parent and student accounts are similar; however, they must be logged in as a student for students to complete and submit assignments.    

  • If your child forgets their login information, please contact your child's teacher.  
  • Parents must create an account in Schoology using an access code. If you do not know your access code, please email Sandra Calgaro ([email protected]).
  • If a student or parent has forgotten their password, please use the "forgot password" feature.   

Any questions or issues accessing student accounts should be directed to your child's teacher. Your child's teacher will direct questions to QV technical support when necessary.


Each course in which students are enrolled will appear in Schoology. Students will navigate to the individual courses to see lessons and assignments. Links to Zoom video conferences that are used in synchronous online sessions will also appear on the individual course pages.


Homework assignments are listed on the student's calendar in Schoology.  From a computer, first, choose a child's account from the top right, then click the Calendar icon in the black bar.  From an iPad choose Calendar from the menu button at the top left.

The online instruction in our hybrid and our fully online options is designed to provide a clear structure and support for learning at home. Online lessons adhere to our rigorous “in-class” curriculum to the extent possible and address the required standards outlined by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.​ Teachers will utilize best practices for online learning when designing instruction and select purposeful learning goals, activities, and assignments​. These lessons will also include opportunities to engage in purposeful student/teacher interactions as much as possible.  


During on-campus and synchronous online learning days, teachers will conduct their classes live with students. Some resources used during these lessons may be posted to Schoology along with the daily or weekly homework assignments. 


During asynchronous lessons, students will use Schoology to access their lessons and assignments for the day. Each teacher will create a weekly folder that will contain the asynchronous lesson and any resources needed to complete it. These lessons are designed to be completed independently. However, students may communicate with the teacher during office hours for assistance in completing these lessons. Lessons will be posted on asynchronous days by 8:00 a.m. Students will have until 11:59 p.m. that day to complete the asynchronous lesson. 


When preparing to participate in live instruction through video conferencing (Zoom), students should follow these guidelines: 

  • Ensure that you have a school-appropriate background and are in a location that maintains your privacy. 
  • Type your full name into the profile information so that the teacher can see who is logged in. If you choose to include a profile picture, it must be your QVSD school picture. 
  • Maintain school conduct and school-appropriate attire when participating in live instruction/video conferencing. 
  • Use headphones, when possible, to eliminate background noise and distraction. 
  • Focus on clear audio. Audio is essential for engaging in each class period with your teacher and classmates. You can communicate with audio-only, but not video only. Avoid activities that could create additional background noise (shuffling papers, tapping pencils) when your audio is on. 
  • Be prepared with lesson materials and close all unnecessary programs on your iPad. 
  • Mute your microphone until directed by a teacher to turn it on to speak. 
  • Limit distractions. You can make it easier to focus on the lesson by turning off notifications, closing or minimizing running apps, and muting your smartphone. 
  • If possible, use front-facing light sources. Avoid having a bright light or a window behind because it makes it difficult to see your face. 


 While participating in instruction, please follow these guidelines: 

  • A live session should not be recorded by a student or stored on a personal or school device at any time. This can be considered a violation of privacy and disciplinary action can be taken. 
  • District equipment and accounts (email, etc.) may be utilized for instructional purposes only. 
  • Students must adhere to the Technology Acceptable Use Policy
  • Students are expected to follow the dress code while learning at home. 
  • Inappropriate behavior will be reported to the building administrator for follow up. 
  • Students are expected to be active participants and prepared to interact and/or respond to teacher prompts. 
  • If student conduct is disruptive, the instructor can mute the participant, turn off the video and/or remove the student from the session, and report the conduct to the administrator for follow up.