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Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Curriculum Overview

The Quake Valley Middle school curriculum emphasizes the development of the whole child providing opportunities for students to explore new concepts, create meaningful connections and collaborate with other students and teachers to experience relevant learning. The Quaker Valley Middle School provides a variety of instruction to meet the needs of adolescent learners.  

Teams of teachers serve each grade level. The teams meet regularly to discuss curriculum, instruction, team activities and ways of supporting students. The teams take a highly personal approach to knowing every child individually, and this collaboration is key to developing a supportive, caring environment for all students. 

All students receive high-quality instruction in language arts and writing, mathematics, science and social studies. Additionally, all students participate in world language. In sixth grade, students experience a “sampler” course consisting of  French and Spanish. By seventh grade, students elect their language of study for the next two years.

Exploratory classes are designed to provide students with exposure to other high interest learning. Exploratory classes may include family consumer science, art, computer science, and technology education. At some point in their middle school experience, all students will have exposure to all of these exploratory classes.  Students in grades 6 and 7 are required to participate in at least one of the performing arts courses: chorus, band (instrumental music) or orchestra each year. Many students choose more than one and are encouraged to do so. All students participate in Physical Education and Health instruction during this critical and impressionable period of growth.

The varied needs of middle school students require flexible, engaging academic learning environment. Highly qualified and capable, caring teachers deliver excellent instruction in an exceptionally nurturing environment. All Quaker Valley Middle School students benefit from appropriately challenging, rigorous classroom experiences.

Middle School Program of Studies / Standards

Pennsylvania Standards | PA Common Core Standards | Common Core Standards

For information about individual courses, please contact the teacher. For additional curricular information, please contact the school principal.