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Student Publicity Refusal

Quaker Valley is proud of our students and staff. Sharing news from schools and the District helps the community stay informed about the great things happening at our schools and in the District.

Throughout the year, Quaker Valley regularly publicizes the accomplishments of students, staff, and various programs and events through District publications such as the Annual Report, District social media, District website, etc. This publicity may include the following: 

  • Photos (still or video) (individual or groups of students, staff, adults)
  • Individual work (poems, artwork, written work, etc.) and/or photos of individual work
  • Student’s name
  • Grade Level
  • Parent/guardian’s name

Examples of publicity include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Academic/athletic awards
  • Participation in school-sponsored activities and organizations (including athletics)
  • District publications (print/electronic newsletters, press releases, etc.), videos, district website, and/or district-sponsored social media
  • Articles in local, regional, and national media (print and electronic)
  • Television broadcasts

IF YOU DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION for your child’s photo (video or still), artwork, written work, verbal statements, and name to be used for Quaker Valley School District publicity, PLEASE COMPLETE the REFUSAL FORM below and return it your child’s building secretary.