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Monday Memo

Monday Memo is published by Quaker Valley School District and distributed on Mondays during the school year It is a means to communicate to parents the classroom activities, awards, and program opportunities offered to students and teachers. The district reserves the right to edit and determine its content.

Receive the Monday Memo via email

Enroll in QVeLink to have the Monday Memo emailed to you.

How to Submit Articles

  • Submit articles via email in paragraph form (using complete sentences) in the text of an email or in an attached Microsoft Word document. PDFs cannot be accepted.
  • Use 12 pt Times New Roman font to ensure proper transmission.
  • The email's subject line must indicate Monday Memo & date(s) of the preferred issue. (Ex: Monday Memo 9/12/22, 9/19/22)

We welcome articles from non-profit community organizations. However, we may limit an article to two insertions. School information takes priority.

Email articles to the person below to appear under the proper section of the publication. Articles must be approved by the principal to be placed under a school heading. Send your email to the designated person in order for it to be approved for publication.

Deadline for Submission of Articles - 12:00 p.m. Wednesday Before Next Publication
If there is a holiday, the deadline will be modified to allow time for preparation and distribution.