School Board » Committees


Communications & Student Life
Chair: Mr. Nash
Vice-Chair: Ms. Skorpenske (Protocol Officer)
Ms. Walls
Ms. Helkowski
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Andreyko, Ms. Dietz, & Mr. Slezak


Educational Services & Strategic Planning
Chair: Ms. Helkowski
Vice-Chair: Ms. Webster
Ms. Doebler
Ms. Skorpenske
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Surloff, Dr. Gentile, & Mr. Slezak


Policy & Government Affairs
Chair: Ms. Walls
Vice-Chair: Mr. Kuzma
Ms. Webster
Mr. Floro
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Andreyko, Dr. Surloff, & Mrs. Baker


Facilities & Operations
Chair: Mr. Floro
Vice Chair: Mr. Barnes
Ms. Doebler

Mr. Kuzma
Administrative Liaisons: Mrs. Baker, Mr. Gauthier, Mr. Slezak, & Dr. Andreyko


Chair: Mr. Barnes
Vice-Chair: Mr. Floro
Ms. Skorpenske
Mr. Nash
Administrative Liaison: Mrs. Baker


Personnel (committee meets in executive session)
Chair: Ms. Doebler
Vice-Chair: Ms. Helkowski
Mr. Nash
Ms. Webster
Administrative Liaisons: Dr. Andreyko, Dr. Surloff, & Ms. McKissic


The board President and Vice-President are ex-officio members of all committees.


School Board Secretary: Ms. Christina DeAngelis


Quaker Valley representatives on other community boards:

Parkway West Career & Technology Center
Ms. Helkowski
Mr. Nash
Dr. Andreyko


Sewickley Public Library of the Quaker Valley School District
Mr. Kuzma
Ms. Doebler
Dr. Surloff