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Counseling Curriculum

The counselors work with students individually, in small groups, and in the classroom setting to teach basic life-long skills that are essential for academic, personal and career success. Topics include decision making, study strategies, goal setting, career interests and many others.

National and State Standards

The QVHS Guidance Curriculum is aligned to national and state standards.  Standards guide our work in the following domains: academic, personal/social, and career.  Please follow the links below to learn more about standards for professional school counseling.

Scheduling and Course Selection (All Grades)

Quaker Valley High School counselors work with all students on academic planning.  Through classroom, group and individual experiences, counselors assist students in making curricular and scheduling decisions that reflect the students’ abilities and goals.  Classroom lessons are taught prior to the Arena Scheduling process in the spring so that students can review their progress towards graduation in order to effectively take part in the development of their own schedules.  Students will meet individually with counselors to review their educational plans and course selections.

Rising 9th Grade Curriculum

Prior to the start of their freshmen year, the counselors visit the middle school to teach the eighth graders about the high school schedule, graduation requirements, courses, credits and the arena scheduling process.  In May, a Move up Day is planned to provide all eighth graders with the opportunity to tour the high school and learn more about high school clubs and activities.  During this visit, eighth graders also participate in Arena Scheduling in order to create their schedules for the following year.  In addition, freshmen are invited to a 9th Grade Orientation before the first day of school to walk through their schedules with the help of upperclassmen guides.

9th Grade Guidance Curriculum

Counselors work with freshmen students to help them acclimate to the high school experience. Counselors prioritize opportunities for students to engage in self-exploration within the domains of academic, personal/social and career. Students will be introduced to Naviance Student (previously Family Connection) to support this work with counselors over the next four year and into their post-secondary planning.

10th Grade Guidance Curriculum

Counselors work with sophomore students to expand upon their self-exploration and continued planning for their future here at QVHS and beyond. Lessons will continue to include Naviance Student and a variety of different opportunities to support students throughout a multitude of different opportunities. 

11th &12th Grade Guidance Curriculum

Counselors in collaboration with the Office of Collegiate Affairs work with junior and senior students to review progress towards graduation. Students evaluate transcripts to determine areas of strength as well as areas for further development. Students are encouraged to utilize resources to locate information for a variety of post-secondary opportunities throughout their continued learning, work and life. Counselors will assist students in the selection of appropriate programs and/or institutions that will meet their personal, educational and career-related needs. 

Counseling Services