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Resources for Parents

Drug and Alcohol Support Services

Northern Area Alliance Against Highly Addictive Drugs
- Activities, support services, and resource links for youth drug victims and families

Gateway Rehabilitation Center
- Comprehensive care for chemically dependent adults, youth and their families

- The Department for Health and Human Services - information about drug/alcohol abuse, addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, children and families, and other health services

Office of National Drug Control Policy 
- The Office of National Drug Control Policy - guides, press releases and other publications from the government

Above the Influence
- Education on the effects of drug and alcohol abuse with interactive games, downloads, and other drug prevention material

- Educational resource on prescription/OTC drugs, medical devices and other health issues

Media Safety 

Common Sense Media
This comprehensive website provides advice for parents on various topics including: cyberbullying, digital technology, digital citizenship, internet safety, social networking and virtual worlds, mobile communication, and family media management.  This website even has an iPhone app.

Mental Health Support

STAR Center
The STAR (Services for Teens At Risk) Center provides clinical and outreach services and responsive care for youth and their families.

Sewickley Area Resources 
Sewickley Public Library

YMCA of Sewickley

Sewickley Valley Hospital

Additional Resources:
Allegheny County Department of Health & Human Services

Youth Connect
Youth Connect is committed to providing vital resources and information to our kids, their parents and the community at large, to support our youth in the identification and avoidance of risky behavior while reinforcing resilient and informed behavior.
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