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Blueprint QV: Five Priorities




Blueprint QV consists of


Dr. Tammy Andreyko set to guarantee a strong year for Quaker Valley.


Watch Dr. Andreyko present Blueprint QV at Designing for Success: An Evening with the Superintendent on January 23, 2019.




Quaker Valley must be student-centered. We want our students to succeed and become engaged citizens. We want them to feel safe and secure in a world that often leaves them feeling the opposite. QV will set a tone that differences are welcomed and embraced to help our students build awareness of and respect for others.

Becoming truly student-centered means redefining how we provide instruction, so we can better serve the needs of ALL of our students. QV recognizes that students learn differently. Each student brings a different set of experiences, abilities, and skills with them to school each day. QV will meet students where they are, enrich their love of learning, and help them move to where they need to be.



QV will plan carefully for its future. Short-term and long-range planning is vital because it forces us to look at everything we do through a lens of continuous improvement.

Planning our future won’t be easy. Today, unexpected events, difficult budgetary forecasts, and changing initiatives at the state and federal levels can shift the ground out from under us and may force us to change direction.

By planning and prioritizing its work, QV will find ways to thrive in this environment. Our investment in a strong and coordinated comprehensive plan will lift our entire school system.



Quaker Valley will make innovation a high priority. Leadership in innovation is a hard thing to maintain. It has to be re-energized regularly. QV will reclaim its long-standing tradition of preparing students to use advanced technology at college and in the careers that await them.

We must prepare students for a world of work that looks much different from what we see right now. We need a one-for-one refresh of equipment for grades 6-12. We will support our students at Parkway Career and Technical Center as they develop their hands-on skills and grow their technical knowledge.

We will make Quaker Valley a destination for innovation. Our district will be a place where the most talented educators want to work because we will provide them the best opportunities to learn, improve and grow.




QV will become a leader in student achievement and will solidify its reputation as the kind of district that engages deep and critical thinking about educating its students,

QV will send its students off into the world with a solid foundation of academic preparation and the tools they need to become life-long learners.





QV must continue to round out its investment in facilities and infrastructure and, after 25 years of discussion, build a new Quaker Valley High School.

QV's new high school must be a testament to the power of partnerships. We need community members sharing their thoughts, students weighing in on what would help them succeed, and employers vetting the best educational opportunities to prepare students to be their future employees. QV will ask its entire community to engage as we design and fund our new high school.

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