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QVSD Historical Facilities Timeline

1926 - High school building is constructed as Leetsdale HS.


1956 - Quaker Valley School District (QVSD) is formed.


1956 – 1961 - Leetsdale High School is converted into Quaker Valley High School (QVHS).


1966 - QVSD considers purchasing land to build K-12 campus, ends up purchasing 80 acres in Bell Acres.


1974 - QVSD acquires property to expand Osborne and Edgeworth Elementary Schools, eliminating two streets in the process.


1998 - QVHS undergoes renovations and minor additions (increased auditorium size, increased cafeteria size) along with the addition of a new QV stadium and removal of the baseball field.


2002 - QVSD creates a master facility plan to look at all buildings. A demographic study is done, and the School Board votes to renovate both elementary schools.


2004 - QVHS parking lot is added, the softball field is removed, and turf is added to the football field.


2006 - Edgeworth Elementary School undergoes renovations. Students relocate to Anthony Wayne Elementary School during renovations.


2007- Osborne Elementary School undergoes renovations. Students relocate to Anthony Wayne Elementary School during renovations.


2008 - Quaker Valley Recreation Association (QVRA) approaches QVSD about building ballfields. QVSD hires engineers to explore the 80 acres in Bell Acres for the potential to build a new high school and/or middle school. The land is deemed unsuitable for a high school or middle school; QVSD signs a 50-year agreement to lease land to QVRA.


2011 School Board votes to renovate Quaker Valley Middle School (QVMS). Students in 7th & 8th grades relocate to Anthony Wayne Elementary School during renovations.  Students in 6th grade attend Osborne Elementary School. All kindergarten students attend Edgeworth Elementary School.


2012 - School Board votes to purchase two homes on Beaver Street adjacent to QVHS.


2013 - QVSD hires engineering and architectural firms to analyze QVHS for viability and the possibility of building a new high school on the current site.  The analysis details some of the significant challenges of the current site but did not rule it out completely.


2014 - QVSD begins engaging hundreds of community members, through a variety of forums, to create a new vision.


2016 – In September, engineers present their findings at a public meeting, which includes newly updated floodplain maps from the Army Corps of Engineers. Based on prior findings and this new information, the School Board decides the current high school site is not a viable option for long-term use. This decision leads QVSD to put two District-owned houses on Beaver Street back on the market. Commercial real estate agents increase efforts to search for land in all eleven municipalities as well as areas outside of the district.


2018 - QVSD closes on the Three Rivers Trust property for $7.5 million.  The School Board approves the purchase of several parcels of property in Leet and Leetsdale Townships.  Brainspaces, Inc. provides QVSD with a completed pre-design summary for the future high school.