Meal Payments

Payment Plan /PIN (Personal Identification Number)

The QV Café uses a computerized system for meal purchases at all Quaker Valley schools which allows parents to pay in advance for meals and/or a la carte items. Students access their account using a PIN pad.


Soon after enrolling your child in Quaker Valley, he/she will be sent a PIN. The student should memorize the PIN as it will remain the same from kindergarten through 12th grade. All students who make a purchase in the cafeteria must enter their PIN whether they pay with cash or with money in their account. For security purposes, a monitor displays the student’s picture each time his or her PIN is entered. Any balance on the account is transferred from year to year, school to school.


Meal Payments: For the 21-22 school year, all students may receive one FREE breakfast and one FREE lunch meal each school day. The breakfast and lunch meal must be a complete meal (not a la carte items). If your student wishes to purchase a la carte items, parents may use a debit or credit card to pay for school meals through the secure online service called SchoolCafe Parents must first sign up and when a payment is made, will receive a confirmation email. By using SchoolCafe, parents can view their student's purchases and account balances free of charge. A convenience fee of $2.25 is added to each family transaction. To avoid the convenience fee of $2.25 from SchoolCafe, students can pay daily as they go through the line or parents can send cash or check (made out to QV Cafe) to the main office by mail. When paying for more than one student in different schools with one check, it is necessary to specify the student's PIN as well as the dollar amount for each student. If you do not specify, the amount will be divided equally between the students on the envelope. It is recommended to use checks as they are able to be tracked.

Cash or Check: Parents can use the convenient preprinted envelopes available from the cashier and at all school offices. Complete the information on the outside of the envelope, enclose a check or money order payable to "QV Cafe" and return it to school with your student. When paying for multiple students in different schools with one check, specify the students' PIN as well as the dollar amount for each student. If you do not specify, the amount will be divided equally. Students can pay daily with cash.
However, for safety purposes, we urge parents to provide a check/money order rather than cash.

The goal is to assist students in being responsible for their accounts. Parents can apply any amount to the account but it is recommended to pay in advance the amount your student might spend in a month. When the balance is negative, an automated phone message will be generated once a week to alert parents/guardians using the phone number on the account. In addition, when the student's balance reaches positive $5 or less, a notification is emailed to parents weekly by the school. Limited charging is permitted but must be repaid in a timely manner. See the negative balance procedure and how it may affect your student's meal choice below.
Managing Your Child's Nutrition

Students in the Quaker Valley School District are assigned a pin number to be used in the cafeteria. This number identifies your student to the Child Nutrition staff at his or her school. It also allows you to apply funds to an account and eliminates the need for providing lunch money on a daily basis.


Our Point of Sale software also allows us to, at the parent or guardian’s request, flag a student’s account with specific information such as special diet needs and/or account restrictions. Please contact the Food Services Administrative Assistant with these requests. She can help with restricting purchases with account flags, provide assistance with setting up a SchoolCafe account, or answer questions about purchases.


We have designated the following account flags to help monitor your student’s nutrition account. 


Account Flag Options:



Meals Only, No Extras

Students can only purchase Meals (Breakfast and Lunch) and would not be able to purchase any ala carte entrees, snacks, or beverages.


Cash Only for Extras

Students can only purchase extra entrees, ala carte snacks and beverages with cash only and cannot use the money on the account.


No Snacks

Students cannot purchase bagged snacks or ice cream.


1 Snack – Wednesday and Friday Only (or whatever day or days you choose)

We can also accommodate the occasional ala carte purchases by limiting the snacks to only a few days per week.

These flags will show up on the memo screen of the register as your student goes through the line. Our cashiers are trained to diligently watch for the notifications with each child, but at times, in the effort to serve the students quickly, a flag may be overlooked so please be considerate.


Your Cafeteria Lead is always available to address any of your questions and concerns about your student’s account. We look forward to nourishing your student’s body and mind with our nutritiously balanced meals and wellness friendly snacks.




If you have questions, please call Mrs. Carla Escribano, Director of Food Services, at 412-749-3610.