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Are you ready to be an online learner?

Before a student enrolls in an online course, it is important to understand the commitment involved in this type of learning environment.  Each course will be facilitated by an online teacher provided by Waterfront Learning; however, a student will not be required to log in at specific time each day to meet with that teacher.  This can be quite an adjustment for a student and also places greater responsibility upon that student and his/her parents.  The degree to which each student is ready to participate in asynchronous online learning varies with age and maturity.  Younger learners require the oversight of a parent/guardian or someone designated to guide the student through his/her assignments each day.  The online teacher and QVOA Coordinator are available for support, but parents/guardians play a critical role.

Due to the independent nature of these online courses, a student must be:

  • Academically motivated and able to manage his/her time effectively
  • Willing and able to dedicate approximately 45-60 minutes per day to each online course
  • Comfortable communicating with teachers via email or phone
  • Capable of working within an online Learning Management System (LMS) to access learning materials and content