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Employment Policy

Hire the Best

At Quaker Valley, the definition of a teacher goes far beyond that found in the dictionary. Teachers have the power to change a student's life for the better and, in doing so, shape a better future for all of us.

To teach is to serve, both in and out of the classroom. To teach is to be responsive and open to change. To teach is to stimulate a child's mind, to spark a child's imagination and dreams.

Teachers must reach beyond their own limits -- they must reach out to others and encourage them to do the same. They must instill the confidence and self-esteem in students that will make them truly believe that anything is possible and nothing is beyond their grasp.

We at Quaker Valley feel that the basis of a good education is having caring, committed and talented teachers. It is our obligation to the children of Quaker Valley to employ individuals who can, and will, be catalysts and leaders in their profession. It is our goal to employ the best possible professional employees available.

The district's "Hire the Best" policy is implemented through a rigorous hiring process for teachers. We advertise broadly and aggressively, screen potential candidates extensively, and assess their "added value" (community service, co-curriculars, coaching, etc.). 

For those selected to proceed to the next level, a second, more intense interview with a committee of administrators and teachers is held. Then, selected candidates are given the opportunity to present a demonstration lesson to a group of real Quaker Valley students, who then have a chance to critique the lesson. Two finalists are granted interviews with the superintendent who, in consultation with the interview team, makes a recommendation to the school board.

This is a long and time-consuming process for both the district and the candidates. It demonstrates the importance of teachers and good teaching at Quaker Valley. Our core of outstanding veteran teachers and the top notch young professionals they mentor combine to create high student achievement and respect for teachers throughout our schools and the community.