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Middle School Creekers Club

Join Fern Hollow Nature Center at the Quaker Valley Middle School for our new Middle School Creekers club for students in 6-8th grade. This program is an extension of the Quaker Valley Creekers, a program that has been running at the high school for the past 13 years. The club meets monthly in room 307 at the middle school from 3:05 till 4:30pm. 

In this after-school club dedicated to environmental science, we will be helping Little Sewickley Creek Watershed test the health of the waterway while getting a comprehensive knowledge of the watershed and how it functions as a healthy ecosystem. Students will learn with Fern Hollow Nature Center and test their Minecraft world-building abilities to discover the properties of a watershed through geology, water quality, and exploration.

The club will do hands-on experiments, online watershed building, and outdoor exploration. Students are encouraged to be curious, thoughtful, and creative scientists as we discover watershed science in Sewickley!  

Students are encouraged to bring a cell phone or tablet to school to participate in the mindcraft portion of the club. School tablets will not work.  

Pre Registration is required. Please email [email protected] for more information or to register.