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Peer Help Desk (PHD)

Students Helping Students and Teachers 

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PHD - Students Helping Students and Teachers
The Peer Help Desk is a program in the high school that allows students to help other students and teachers. It consists of three positions: Managers, Tutors, and Technicians. Each position carries important and crucial roles.

Managers / Tutor
The Managers and Tutors oversee and help market the PHD program. Managers and Tutors use marketing and communications skills, developing internal and external communications and materials. They act as liaisons between teachers, staff, students, and administration and are crucial to the program's development.Managers / Tutors meet with and help students with classwork and homework, provide study strategies, as well as organization and time management assistance. When needed, tutors also support teachers in the classroom. Tutors also administer make-up tests and quizzes for teacher in the PHD Testing Center.

The technicians help problem solve with students and teachers on technology issues. They also work with classroom teachers, assisting students with technology-based assignments. Technicians provide assistance and support for information technology issues across the school district.

Virtual "Direct" Tutoring & Technology Support

Schoology GROUP Code:  BD7XD-4MNDV   



Test ClipartTeacher Test Makeup Center
Teachers, please remember to bring any test / quiz / assignment to be placed in the TEACHER Test folder in the Library Commons - PHD will do the rest of the work for you. Click below to schedule a makeup test.
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Student Laptop Collection:  May 28 - June 11, 2019
Students can access Laptop Collection information using Schoology /  PHD Direct - GROUP- Resources

Laptop Collection will take place at the PHD-Peer Help Desk
School Library Commons
Each day

Laptop Summer Use:
Students who require a laptop for summer must complete the Laptop Request Summer Use form 2019 below. 
Permission will be granted for QV Summer online coursework only.
Once the form is approved the student must have the laptop reviewed and inventoried in the Library Commons before the end of the school year.