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8th Grade Trip

Sponsors: Mr. Slencak and Mr. Kelly

May 20, 2022
8th grade class trip to Gettysburg, PA and Hershey, PA.
More information will be posted when available.


Previous Trips

2021 - No Trip Due to COVID

2020 - Trip Canceled Due to COVID

May 13-16, 2020
Gettysburg, PA; Washington, D.C.; & Williamsburg, VA

NOTE: The 2020 8th grade trip has been canceled. Information about refunds will be sent.

Quaker Valley Middle School is taking the Eighth Grade Class to Gettysburg, Washington D. C. and Williamsburg. The dates for this year’s trip are May 13-16, 2020.

Our goal is to take every eighth grader who wants to go. If you are interested in making a donation for students that may need financial assistance or if you have any questions or needs, please contact Mr. Slencak or Mr. Kelly in the middle school.

Websites: Gettysburg NP | Washington, D.C. | Williamsburg, VA

Maps: Gettysburg NP | Washinton, D.C. | Williamsburg, VA