QVMS & QVHS Students Excel at PA Junior Academy of Science

Students who earned 1st place are invited to present their experiment again at the PJAS state competition at Penn State University in May. Congratulations to all!

Erin Glas (12th grade)—“The Effect of Light Wavelength on the Development of Zebra Fish.” – 1st place

Megan Harkins (12th grade) —“The Effect of Gender and Caffeine on the Oral Microbiome” – 2nd place

Amelia Hermann (9th grade)—“Representation of Witness Testimony and Persuasiveness ” – 2nd place

Andres Hubsch (12th grade)—“The Impact of Authority to Change Environmental Behaviors” – 2nd place

Abbey McClay (12th grade)—“Can Wax Moth Larva Aid in the Decomposition of Biodegradable Plastics” – 1st place
Recipient of the PJAS Perseverance Award (5 year PJAS competitor)

Ross McKee (12th grade)—“Assessing Personality from the Digital Footprint” – 3rd place

Olivia McMullan (12th grade)—“Analyzing the Effect of Xylitol as an Anti-microbial Agent” – 2nd place

Anna McSweeney(12th grade)—"Studying the Variables of Butterfly Color Preference” – 2nd place

Phoebe Morrill (11th grade)—“Suitability of Screw Types For Connecting Bamboo Joints”—1st place
Recipient of American Society of Civil Engineers Award

Rosa Myers (12th grade)—“The Effects of Corn Gluten Meal as an Anti-emergent of Plants” – 1st place

Leighanna Palmer (12th grade)—“The Impact of Temperature on Slime Mold Fusion” – 1st place
Recipient of the Duquesne University’s Award for Excellence in Zoology

Martha Pangburn (12th grade)—“The Impact of Temperature on the Nutrient Content of Kale” – 1st place
Recipient of the PJAS Perseverance Award (4 year PJAS competitor)

Abby Sanders (12th grade)—“Analysis of the Role of Gender on Curiosity”—2nd place

Sarah Trapizona (12th grade)—“The Effect of Mood on Positive/Negative Decision-Making”—1st place

Noah Wiggins (12th grade)—“Diagnosis and Treatment of Computer Vision Syndrome”—1st place
Recipient of Duquesne University Award for Excellence in Health Sciences

Kyle Wolf (12th grade)—“A Comparison of Athletes vs. Non-athletes in Complex Reactions”—2nd place
Amelia Herrmann (9th grade)— “Representation of Witness Testimony and Persuasiveness"—2nd place

Phoebe Morrill (11th grade)— “Suitbility of Screw Types for Connecting Bamboo Joints"—1st place
Daniel Bartels (8th grade)— "Effect of Various Materials on Time it Takes to Melt Ice"—1st place
Daniel also won the Pittsburgh Section of the American Chemical Society award for Excellence in Chemistry

Keira Currier (8th grade)—"Analyzing the Effect of Music Genre Listened to on Logical/Mathematical Intelligence"--2nd place

Ellie Graham (8th grade)— "Analyzing the Effect of Hand-washing Water Temperature on Bacteria Growth"—1st place

Meera Kumar (8th grade)— “How Natural vs. Synthetic Fertilizers Affect Plant Growth"—1st place

Hope Linge (8th grade)— “Analyzing the Effects of Stressful Environments on BPM and Test Results"—1st place

Alex MacDonald (8th grade)—“Analyzing the Effects of Screen Time on Vision"—1st place

Isabella Murano (8th grade)— “Effect of Book Cover Color and Design on Reader Preference"—2nd place

Emma Smith (8th grade)—“From Bach to Rock: Does Music Have a Green Thumb"—1st place
Emma also won the Duquesne medal for excellence for the top score in the Botany category among middle school presenters at PJAS.

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