Quaker Valley Act 93 Plan for Administrators Approved

The Quaker Valley Board of School Directors voted on Tuesday, June 11, 2024 to approve a four-year agreement with administrators under the Act 93 Plan for Administrators. The action item passed unanimously with seven Board members present.

“We are fortunate to have an incredible team of administrators at Quaker Valley,” said Superintendent Dr. Tammy A. Andreyko. “This agreement ensures that they are well-supported and positioned to continue delivering exceptional leadership and educational services. Strong instructional leadership is a cornerstone of our mission, and this plan enables us to continue building a vibrant, innovative, and student-centered learning community.”

The agreement covers 17 administrators across the District, including Quaker Valley High School Principal, Dr. Deborah Riccobelli: “I am thrilled to share the successful approval of the Act 93 Agreement for Administrators, representing our team's collaborative efforts and dedication. This agreement secures fair and competitive benefits for our group and reinforces our shared goals of providing the highest-quality education and preparing our students for future success. Every member of our Act 93 group is committed to excelling in our roles as we continue to serve the Quaker Valley School community.”

The period covered by the contract is July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2028, replacing the previous agreement, which is set to expired June 30, 2024. The increase to the salary schedule for administrators is 3.65% across the 4-year term. The agreement also provides for increased healthcare contributions as healthcare premiums continue to rise.

“This agreement will help us attract and retain top talent, ensuring that our leadership remains strong and effective,” said Stefanie McKissic, Director of Human Resources. “I am confident that this plan will contribute significantly to our continued success as a district.”