Students Awarded Superintendent Citizenship Awards

The Superintendent Citizenship Awards are presented each year to students in grades 5, 8, and 12. The students were recognized at the Quaker Valley School Board Meeting on May 21 and received a small gift as a token of congratulations. 
Congratulations to: 
Ruby Pocasangre - Edgeworth Elementary
Greta Sierra - Osborne Elementary
Mia Duckstein - Quaker Valley Middle School
Kate Hines - Quaker Valley High School

Edgeworth Elementary's Ruby Pocasangre
Ruby Pocasangre shines as a multi-talented student at Edgeworth, excelling across various disciplines. A saxophonist in the school band and a lead actor in the Drama Club, she combines her artistic talents with a strong presence on the basketball court as a member of the Quaker Valley travel team. Known for her leadership qualities, Ruby is reliable, organized, and kind, consistently uplifting her peers. Despite her busy schedule, she also serves as a mentor to a second-grade student, showcasing her dedication to nurturing younger minds. Ruby's positive attitude and diverse skills make her an exemplary figure in the Edgeworth community.

Osborne Elementary's Greta Sierra
Greta has demonstrated a positive attitude and strong work ethic throughout the school year.  She is a model citizen in the classroom and is an active member of the 5th grade Dream Team.  Additionally, she volunteers as a counselor for the autism ministry at her church.  She also takes multiple dance classes and an acting class outside of school as well.  
Quaker Valley Middle School's Mia Duckstein 
Quaker Valley Middle School is extremely proud to announce Mia Duckstein as this year's Superintendent Citizenship Award winner! Mia excels academically and athletically because she is mature, conscientious, respectful, hardworking, and truly goes above and beyond in all endeavors. Her willingness to collaborate with others helps to make her peers feel valued and supported. She asks wonderful questions, thinks deeply, and engages wholeheartedly in the educational setting. Whether she is in the classroom, soccer field, softball field, basketball court, or volleyball court, it is Mia's leadership that sets her apart. She has proven herself to be a kind, cooperative, and helpful student to all those around her. During her time at the middle school, Mia volunteered to assist with 5th Grade Move-up Day, new student orientation, and has provided newly enrolled students with tours of QVMS throughout the school year. She is also a member of our Best Buddies program, which again speaks to her kind-hearted nature and willingness to help those around her. Mia is simply a kind-hearted young person who will assuredly make her mark on this world - we cannot wait to see how she blossoms at Quaker Valley High School! Congratulations, Mia!" 
Quaker Valley High School's Kate Hines
We are proud to present the 2024 Superintendent’s Citizenship Award to Kate Hines.  Kate’s accomplishments and talents range from the classroom, to athletics, and a great many places in between.  

A member of National Honors Society since Junior Year, Kate has served on Student Council and Key Club throughout her time at QV.  She has also participated in the Health Professions Mentor Program.  It is clear to us, that Kate is a team player, and cares about her relationships with her classmates and her teachers.  Kate regularly raises the bar of any classroom she is part of.

Athletically, Kate has competed at WPIALS for Swimming, WPIALS and States for the Track and Field Team, and has been a member of the Tennis, and Cross-Country teams.  She is a certified lifeguard, a swim coach, a tennis coach, and babysits in her free time.

This spring, Kate was the QVHS female nominee for the Midwestern Athletic Conference Student Athlete award for displaying excellence on the field, court, classroom and community. 

Kate is very deserving of this award.   Her work ethic, intelligence, consistent smile, enthusiasm for her classmates, willingness to help others, and determination to achieve will surely take her to successful places.

Kate will be attending Virginia Tech in the fall, to study mechanical engineering.