Quaker Valley Students Participate in 2024 Science Olympiad Regional Competition

The middle school and high school Science Olympiad Teams competed in the Southwest Regional Science Olympiad Competition at PennWest (former California University of Pennsylvania) March 16. Science Olympiad is "the premier team STEM competition in the nation, providing standards-based challenges to 6,000 teams at 425 tournaments in all 50 states." Both teams will now advance to the Pennsylvania Science Olympiad competition held April 27 at Penn State Altoona. 
The high school team placed sixth and has qualified for the PA Science Olympiad State Competition for the 13th year in a row!
Individual Medalists: 
1st Place - Air Trajectory - Oliver Graham and Sienna Albano
2nd Place - Write It, Do It - Colin York and Luca Albano
3rd Place - Forestry - Sasha Zupanc and Kiera Myers
3rd Place - Forensics - Max Soderstrom and Freya Gordon
4th Place - Flight - Lea Mauer and Luca Kurumfashe
4th Place - Ecology - Kiera Myers and Colin York
5th Place - Detector Building - Oliver Graham and Lea Mauer
Full QVHS Team: 
  • Sienna Albano

  • Lea Mauer

  • Sasha Zupanc

  • Jay Olawaiye

  • Ollie Graham

  • Kiera Myers

  • Alina Radermacher

  • Luca Albano

  • Luca Kurumfashe

  • Parker Barnes

  • Colin York

  • Max Soderstrom

  • Freya Gordon

  • Maggie Watson

The Middle School Science Olympiad team won Third Place in the Regional Competition! The team competed in fifteen different events over the course of the day. 
Individual Medalists: 
1st Place - Can't Judge a Powder - Lucy Montagnese and Stefan Mauer
1st Place - Microbe Mission - Lucy Montagnese and Henry Topol
2nd Place - Experimental Design - Nathan Grabiak, Luke Monyok, and Alexander Moyer
2nd Place - Optics - Lawson Beichner and Monty Minn
2nd Place - Rollercoaster - Henry Topol and Lawson Beichner
3rd Place - Air Trajectory - Nathan Grabiak and Henry Topol
3rd Place - Anatomy and Physiology - Lucy Montagnese and Stefan Mauer
3rd Place - Disease Detectives - Stefan Mauer and William Webster
3rd Place - Ecology - Charlie Burns and Carole Kurumfashe
Full QVMS Team: 
  • Lawson Beichner
  • Charlie Burns
  • Nathan Grabiak

  • Tess Krotine

  • Carole Kurumfashe 

  • Lincoln Liao
  • Stefan Mauer

  • Monty Minn

  • Lucia Montagnese

  • Luke Monyok

  • Logan Monyok

  • Alexander Moyer

  • Hattie Soderstrom 

  • Henry Topol

  • William Webster
Learn more about Science Olympiad HERE