Quaker Valley Flexible Instructional Days (FID)

Since the District used its first district-wide emergency closure day today, we would like to share a reminder regarding emergency closures and the use of online Flexible Instruction Days (FID). As in past years, we have built three weather-related/district-wide emergency closures into the district calendar.  

Should the District use all three emergency closure days, Quaker Valley will implement Flexible Instruction Days. During an online FID, students will learn asynchronously that day (independently on their own time and at their own pace) and will have access to instructional materials and assignments through Schoology, our online learning management system. The implementation of FID allows us to maintain the continuity of our school calendar without needing to use in-person make-up days on scheduled breaks or add school days to the end of the school year. Quaker Valley may use up to five FID without having to add days to the calendar.   

Please be assured that any decision to utilize FID will be communicated promptly through our official communication channels, including our website, social media platforms, and automated calling system. Additional details on FID procedures for students will be shared in a separate communication from each building principal. We encourage you to stay informed and prepare for the possibility of FID activation during the winter months. 

Learn more about delay and cancellation procedures HERE.