Students Awarded Superintendent Citizenship Awards

The Superintendent Citizenship Awards are presented each year to students in grades 5, 8, and 12. The students were recognized at the Quaker Valley School Board Meeting on May 23 and received a small gift as a token of congratulations. 
Congratulations to: 
Jose Pocasangre - Edgeworth Elementary
Logan Monyok - Osborne Elementary
Rose Pocasangre - Quaker Valley Middle School
Isabella Murano - Quaker Valley High School

Edgeworth Elementary's Jose Pocasangre is an exemplary student, classmate, and member of the community.  He is a straight-A student who is not only exceptional academically but also at the extra-curricular activities he participates in both inside and outside of the school day.

Jose participates in orchestra and is a talented violin player.  He also earned one of the lead roles in this year’s 5th grade production of Seussical the Musical.  In addition, Jose qualified for the Calcu-Solve academic math competition held at Duquesne University and was one of the top scorers in the Math Olympiad competition.  He volunteered as an anchor for the school-wide morning announcements and was an ambassador for the 1st-grade buddies program where he would regularly read to 1st-grade students. Outside of the school day, Jose plays hockey and is an active member of his church.  Jose was also a member of this year’s battle of the books run by the Sewickley Public Library.   

Jose’s teachers describe him as kind, organized, honest, and reliable.  He always gives his best effort to anything he does, regardless of the task. 
Osborne Elementary's Logan Monyok is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, helpful students with whom we have had the pleasure of working.  

He is a competitive swimmer who is involved in a USA swimming program through PEAQ Swimming, and he plays soccer after school.  

Logan qualified to represent the 5th grade to participate in many academic competitions including the History Bowl, Calcusolve, and the STEM design challenge, where his team placed 3rd place in the region, largely due to the care he took in completing a thorough, accurate blueprint of his team's design. He was also one of the top scorers in the grade level for the Math Olympiad competition. 

Logan always volunteers to help others in need and leads by example. He is a team player through and through and is an overall model citizen as well as a wonderful human being.
Quaker Valley Middle School's Rose Pocasangre exemplifies all that it means to be an outstanding student. Her teachers describe her as conscientious, hard-working, inquisitive, humble, and incredibly kind. Rose’s success in compacted and honors level classes, as well as her performing arts and related arts classes, is a testament to her drive and love of learning. Her work ethic is superb, regardless of the content! 

Rose has made many meaningful contributions to her school community during her time at QVMS. She has volunteered to assist the Student Council’s various fundraising efforts, spending her lunch period selling Valentine’s Day Candy Grams and Pie-the-Teacher tickets. Rose has also volunteered on the weekends at QV’s Track and Field Clinics for 6th-grade and elementary-aged students. During these clinics, Rose provides instruction to younger students, supervises drills, leads warm-ups and stretches, provides encouragement, and serves as an exemplar student athlete and mentor. Her presence is valued by the student participants, as well as the coaches. 

Rose is also a highly accomplished and talented musician. She earned the leading role in both Matilda Jr. (as Matilda) and Frozen Jr. (as Elsa) in 7th and 8th grade, respectively. Prior to leading her peers on stage, Rose served as a critical member of the Stage Crew during her 6th grade year. As a member of the middle school chorus, vocal ensemble, and orchestra, Rose is no stranger to performing and serving as a positive role model and leader. She has performed many solos over the years at various concerts, attended PMEA Junior High District Chorus two years in a row, and has volunteered to perform at the middle school’s annual For The Love of Music event on numerous occasions.
Quaker Valley High School's Isabella Murano is a student that shows innate leadership. Throughout all her administrative roles in several clubs and organizations, Izzie consistently rises to the top as a student who can productively engage with both peers and professionals. The relationships she has built throughout her four years at QVHS speaks to her passion and interest in maximizing her opportunities and connecting with those around her.

Izzie’s strive for excellence has resulted in a vast variety of awards and accolades including:  the Sportsmanship Award for lacrosse, Captain of the Tennis Team, 18 Under Eighteen Junior Achievement, the Society of Women’s Engineers, acceptance into the School of the New York Time’s Summer Academy, the Bryn Mawr Book Award, and winner of the Most Innovative and Forward-Thinking Business Model.

Izzie also maintains part-time employment, is a certified lifeguard,  a 3rd degree black belt, volunteers and holds leadership roles in QVHS Student Council and Key Club.  As the founder and creator of Eco-Assemble, Izzie educates kids about the importance of the environment through STEAM-based activity kits.

Izzie will be attending Vanderbilt University in the fall.