Quaker Valley Students Participate in Odyssey of the Mind Competition

Eight Quaker Valley Odyssey of the Mind teams, representing Edgeworth Elementary, Osborne Elementary, and Quaker Valley Middle School, competed in the Western PA Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament on Saturday, March 4, 2023 at Keystone Oaks Middle School and High School.


Two of the five competitive teams are advancing to the state competition. The Odyssey of the Mind PA State Finals will be held on April 1, 2023 at Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, PA.


Congratulations to all QV teams and coaches for a great season, and good luck to our advancing QV teams!


Team Results:


Edgeworth Elementary (Grade 3)

Division I Problem 1: Pirates and the Treasure

Coach: Reid Hatton

Team Members: 

Jake Hatton, Jamie Arbogast, Benjamin Howard, Benjamin Moyer, Lochlan Mulchen, Winston Nobers

11th place


Edgeworth Elementary (Grade 5)

Division I Problem 5: The Most Dramatic Problem Ever

Coach: Brie Hatton

Team Members:

Cayla Hatton, Adaline Bosh, Calixta Bosh, Julia Savage, Lydia Sively

5th place

Osborne Elementary (Grade 1)

Primary: Dinos on Parade

Coach: Sarah Ralph

Team Members: 

Liam Ralph, Cooper Berarducci (Edgeworth), Thomas Dundon, Silas Kopf, Abel Marek, Bowen McConnell

Osborne Elementary (Grade 2)

Primary: Dinos on Parade

Coach: Scott Cook

Team Members: 

Owen Cook, Aalika Farrell (Edgeworth), Grady Heimann, Annabelle Morin, Nathan Picarsic, Maya Rengers de Souza, Desmond Stallard


Osborne Elementary (Grades K/2)

Primary: Dinos on Parade

Coaches: Kate McLean and Liz McDonald   

Team Members: 

Beatrix Baxter, Fisher McDonald, Zoey Simpson, Uly Courtney, Audrey Michaux,  Adelaide Norton, Espen Stunda

Osborne Elementary (Grade 3) - Advancing to State Competition

Division 1, Problem 3: Classics…The Walls of Troy

Coaches: Julie Mazzarella and Jamie Hamilton 

Team Members: 

Alex Mazzarella, Maddie Hamilton, Waylon Brown, Tenzing Hamer, Zach Rankin, Malcolm Ravas

2nd place


Osborne Elementary (Grade 5)

Division 1, Problem 5: The Most Dramatic Problem Ever

Coaches: Sara Braun and Julie Jubeck

Team Members: 

Owen Weisberg, Claire Jubeck, Bruce Baird, Violet Baird, Willow Chappell, Joey Mazzarella, Marlea Piatt

6th place


Quaker Valley Middle School (Grade 6) - Advancing to State Competition

Division 2, Problem 3: Classics…The Walls of Troy

Coach: Valerie Kahrs 

Team Members: 

Gavin Kahrs, Charlie Burns, Evan Donaldson, Wesley Horton, Henry Howard, Stefan Mauer, Bobby Riordan