Quaker Valley Students Participate in Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Competition

This Saturday, February 4, the first in-person Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) competition since February 2020 was held at Baldwin High School. Quaker Valley brought their largest group ever of 18 Quaker Valley Middle School students presenting their 8th grade science experimental design project to the judges at this year's regional competition. Two Quaker Valley High School freshmen, Emma Currier and Ella Palmer, also decided to design their own experiment again on their own time and compete in the high school division at PJAS regionals after enjoying the PJAS experience so much in 8th grade last year.

Students are placed in small presentation groups by topic category and compete against the criteria of a good experiment and presentation rather than competing against each other. All students who earned a first-place award (Quaker Valley has a total of seven first-place winners) are also invited to present their experiment at the PJAS state competition in May, which is held at Penn State University in State College.

QVHS Students:

Emma Currier          Effect of Time Spent Drying on Weight of Clay After Firing, 2nd place

Ella Palmer            Analyzing the Effects of Visual Imagery on Genetics, 2nd place


QVMS Students:

Rachel Bartels            Analyzing the Effect of Color of Puzzle on Time Solved, 1st place

Josephine Courtney   The Effect of Distractions on Time to Complete a Puzzle, 1st place

Sofia DiCicco             How Do Different Genres of Music Affect Short-Term Memory?, 2nd place

Kian Hopkins             Analyzing the Effect of Vision Range on Maze Time, 3rd place

Madeline Horton        Analyzing the Effect of Temperature on Reaction Time, 2nd place

Arjun Kathju               The Effect of Stick-length on the Velocity of a Hockey Puck, 2nd place

Jake Mangan             Pesticide Recipes on Decreased Plant Height (cm), 2nd place

Will Meagher*            Impact of Temperature on Solar Energy Production, 1st place 

     ​*Will also won the Director's Award for best middle school experiment in Physics Category ($100).

Rose Pocasangre      Water pH and Purification Methods: Do the Two Correlate?, 2nd place

Alex Polce                 Different teachers- Different grades?, 3rd place

Tiya Singh                 The Athletic Effect on Music, 2nd place

Max Soderstrom       Analyzing the Effect of Music on Dogs, 2nd place

Katherine Steinfurth  Too Much Stress, Try Music!, 1st place

Kennedy Waffensmith  Analyzing the Effect of Essential Oils on Reaction Time, 1st place

Rowan Wallace         Does Color Affect Memory?, 1st place

Hope Waller              Effects of Essential Oils on the Growth of Plants, 2nd place

Maggie Watson         Effect of Free Throw Routine on Made Free Throw Percentage, 1st place

Evelyn Zutter             Analyzing the Effect of Warm Up Time on Mile Time, 3rd place