QV Teams Compete in CalcuSolve Event

Fifth grade teams from Osborne and Edgeworth Elementary Schools as well as sixth grade teams from the Middle School participated in the annual CalcuSolve math event on Thursday, February 2. Seventh and Eighth grade students participated in the CalcuSolve event on Friday, February 3. Students from school districts throughout the region competed in these events that were sponsored by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit and held at Duquesne University.

The competitions include nine rounds of very challenging math problems. Seven problems were solved individually, and two questions were answered as a group.  Awards were given for outstanding individual and team performances.  

Henry Topol and William Webster earned 3rd place. Michael Fuener earned 2nd place. Congratulations to all participants!

The following students participated in CalcuSolve:

Edgeworth Elementary Teams: Henry Rothbauer, Brielle Breisinger, Edison Kerley, Xavier Osofsky, Jose Pocasangre, Ted Lenhard, Finn Miller and Mac Meagher 

Osborne Elementary Teams: Eli Abraham, Bruce Baird, Violet Baird, Catherine Henry, Logan Monyok, Maggie Mysliwiec, Owen Weisberg, and Markus Yancheski

Middle School Sixth Grade Teams: Lawson Beichner, Michael Fuener, Nathan Grabiak, Campbell Homer, Luke Monyok, Henry Topol, William Webster, and Oliver Zutter.

Middle School Seventh and Eighth Grade Teams: Luca Albano, Grace Castaldo, Sam Chapman, Madeline Horton, Arjun Kathju, William Meagher, Vito Pogue, and Charlie Pyle.