Quaker Valley to compete in KDKA’s Hometown High Q Playoffs

Tune in to KDKA-TV at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 11, 2022, and again at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 18, to watch Quaker Valley High School students compete in a playoff episode of KDKA's Hometown High Q, an academic challenge hosted by KDKA chief meteorologist Ray Petelin.


The Quaker Valley team has already won two matches this year and is comprised of seniors Patrick Munn, Grant Huddleston, Hayden Earlewine, Mary Pangburn, Jacob Boone, Michael Lipton, and Wyatt Riker.  Coached by high school math teacher Matt Welch and assisted by academic specialist Dr. Linda Conlon, the team will compete in Hometown High Q Semifinals against teams from Fox Chapel and Mars High Schools. This is the 17th year in a row that Quaker Valley High School has competed in KDKA's Hometown High Q, along with the team’s 6th appearance in the High Q Semifinals in the last eight years.


The half-hour show pits three school teams, which are comprised of three students each, against one another. Students must answer questions from a variety of general high school curriculum subject areas. 81 schools from across the Pittsburgh region compete on the show every year.  By virtue of their two wins earlier in the season, Quaker Valley has already secured a $1,500 grant from Williams Inc. as they will finish in the top 9 of the yearly competition.