CalcuSolve Event

Fifth-grade teams from Osborne and Edgeworth Elementary Schools and sixth-grade teams from the Middle School participated in the annual CalcuSolve math event on Thursday, November 18th. Students from school districts throughout the region competed in this virtual event sponsored by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. The competition included nine rounds of very challenging math problems. Seven problems were solved individually, and two questions were answered as a group. Awards were given for outstanding individual and team performances. 
Luke Monyok and Rachel Johnson both earned individual recognition and 3rd place honors. Congratulations to Luke and Rachel, as well as all team participants!
The following students participated in CalcuSolve:
Edgeworth Elementary Teams: Evan Donaldson, Stefan Mauer, Abby Molchen, Ellie Ravenstahl, Finn Runyard, Sofia Strelec, Julianna Vescio, Connor West
Osborne Elementary Teams: Michael Fuener, Kathryn Hamilton, Cate Leghorn, Lincoln Liao, Amelia McClain, Luke Monyok, Henry Topol, Oliver Zutter
Middle School Teams: Chelsea Cherock, Nic Cohen, Rafe Furfari, Carter Hawes, Adele Hydzik, Zoe Hermenau, Abby Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Vito Pogue, and Connor Sheridan
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