QV Students Excel at State Science Competition

QVMS and QVHS had another successful year at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) state competition. For PJAS, students design and carry out a controlled scientific experiment and present their findings and analysis to a panel of judges.  Due to COVID, the regional and state competition, usually held at Duquesne University and Penn State University in State College respectively, were held virtually.  Students earning a first-place award at regionals are invited to present their experiments at the state PJAS competition.  

Congratulations to our four QVMS and two QVHS PJAS State competition participants for their scientific accomplishments. 

QVMS 1st place award at PJAS states:

8th grader, Chloe Hanna "Analyzing the Popularity of a Store and its Customers"

QVMS 2nd place award at PJAS states:

8th grader, Amalia “Molly" MacDonald "How does the genre of music affect how fast you run?

8th grader, Jack Miller "Analyzing the Pace of Reading at Different Hours of the Day"

8th grader, Mia Modrovich "Does a Persons Age Affect How Long It Takes to Solve Puzzles?”

QVHS 1st place award at PJAS states:

Sophomore, Emma Smith "Insalted Plants: The Effect of Salinity on Freshwater Plants"

QVHS 2nd place award at PJAS states:

Junior, Amelia Herrmann “What Wound Closure Solutions Are Most Effective in The Cold?” 

In addition to the PJAS states results, we also learned that QVMS 8th grader, Ruby Olliffe won the $100 PJAS Regional Director’s award for Zoology experiments in the middle school age group.  Ruby also won a PJAS Regionals 2nd place award. 

QVHS sophomore, Emma Smith won the $100 PJAS Regional Director’s award for Botany experiments in the high school age group and the $100 Duquesne University Award for Environmental Research.  Emma also won a PJAS Regionals 1st place award and 1st place at the PJAS State Competition. 

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