QVHS Material Collection Dates

This process will allow students to return textbooks, novels, calculators, musical instruments, and any other materials that belong to the school.  Students will also pick up their yearbooks (if purchased), clean out their lockers and get all personal items from the school.


Students are permitted to keep their iPads and chargers over the summer; however, any student not returning to QVHS must call the QVHS main office to make separate arrangements to return his/her iPad, charging cord, and charging block


As per Pennsylvania guidelines, all staff and students must wear a mask for this process.  We will provide a mask for any students not wearing one when they arrive at QVHS.  Students may not congregate with one another in the building or on school grounds. 


Procedure for the QVHS Collection/Distribution 

During students’ collection and distribution time, they will: 

  • Park in the teacher parking lot and enter the front doors of the building.
  • Proceed to lockers to collect all personal items and throw away any unwanted materials (large trash refuse containers will be located on either end of the hallways for disposal).  We will have gloves and hand sanitizer available.
  • After the locker cleanout, students will proceed to the café to return all school-owned items (textbooks, novels, calculators, musical instruments, etc.). There will be a different table for each content area for students to place their materials.
  • In the café, students will also pick up their yearbooks (if purchased).
  • Students will leave the café, exit the building via the front doors, and return to their cars.

Please click on the following link to sign up for a date and time: https://myconferencetime.com/qvhsIf a student is unable to come to QVHS on the allotted days, please call the main office at (412) 749-6012 or (412) 749-6021 to make other arrangements.

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