QVHS Information for Seniors and Families

Class of 2020 Graduation Events
We’re incredibly proud of how our seniors have demonstrated resiliency, understanding, perseverance, and kindness during these challenging times.  Although we aren't able to be together at RMU as initially planned, we are excited to celebrate your hard work and accomplishments through the virtual commencement on June 4th and our in-person event on July 31st at Chuck Knox Stadium. 

Quaker Valley faculty and staff have signed up to "adopt" seniors during graduation week. To let seniors know how special they are, faculty and staff will be making and delivering care packages for each member of the Class of 2020 during the week of June 1st. 

Class of 2020 Hoodies
We have designed Class of 2020 hoodies for the seniors that will be with the cap and gown when they pick up their items on the assigned collection and distribution day.  The design is exclusive for this class, and we hope the seniors enjoy this gift from QVHS.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 

We’re so proud of you and are looking forward to seeing you on July 31st!

QVHS Senior Collection & Distribution Process

QVHS is conducting a collection and distribution process for seniors on Thursday, May 28th, Friday, May 29th, and Monday, June 1st.  This process will allow seniors to return iPads, chargers, textbooks, novels, calculators, athletic equipment, musical instruments, and any other materials that belong to the school. Seniors will also clean out their lockers and get all personal items from the school.  Finally, students will receive their graduation caps, gowns, tassels, diploma covers, and the Class of 2020 hoodie.  Also, if applicable, some students will receive gold cords (4.0 GPA and higher) and athletic letters. Diplomas will be mailed home during the summer. All seniors and families were sent an email with the student’s assigned date and time for collection and distribution. As per Pennsylvania guidelines, all staff and students must wear a mask for this process.  We will provide a mask for any students not wearing one when they arrive at QVHS. 

Please note that AP students who are taking makeup exams the week of June 1st will not be required to return iPads/accessories until after their exam date.  In that situation, seniors should contact Dr. Linda Conlon, AP Coordinator, to document that they are taking a makeup exam and will be keeping the iPad.  Those students should plan to come to QVHS on the scheduled time to pick up the cap, gown, diploma cover, etc. and to return books and other items.  After makeup exams, we'll work with individual students to schedule a return for their iPads and accessories.

Our yearbook order has been delayed due to plant closures during March and April.  We had hoped to distribute them during this process but will need to schedule a separate procedure.  We’ll be in touch to communicate a process for yearbook pick-up once they have been delivered

Returning your iPad and accessories.

  • Students should charge their iPads the night before collection. 
  • On collection day, students should bring their iPads in the school-issued cases and the approved Apple chargers and charging cables.
  • A QV staff member will examine the iPad, case, and charging block and cable for any possible damage.  Following the inspection, students will receive a receipt noting that all equipment has been returned and is in working condition, or that equipment is missing or damaged.

Procedure for the QVHS Senior Collection/Distribution Day

During students’ assigned collection and distribution time, they will:

  1. Park in the back of the building along the driveway by the bus dock.
  2. Enter the building through the bus dock doors (front doors of the building will not be open).
  3. Proceed to the gym/café hallway.
  4. Enter the gym to drop off any athletic equipment (if applicable) and receive your senior letter (athletic gear and equipment should be bagged and labeled).
  5. Proceed to the café to drop off all school-owned materials:
    1. iPad & accessories for all students
    2. Laptop & charger for online students who borrowed a school device
    3. Textbooks/calculators/materials that belong to the school – there will be a different table for each content area
    4. Musical instruments that belong to the school
  1. Proceed to students’ lockers to collect all personal items and throw away any unwanted materials (large trash refuse containers will be located on either end of the hallways for disposal). We will have gloves and hand sanitizer available.
  2. After the locker cleanout, students will go back to the café to return any school-owned items that were found in the lockers.
  3. Charko will be available in the main office for students who need to pay fines.
  4. In the café, students will pick up: cap, gown & tassel, diploma cover, Class of 2020 hoodie, and gold cord (for those with 4.0 GPA or higher).
  5. Once students have all their items, they will leave the café, exit via the bus dock doors, and return to their cars. 
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