Quaker Valley School Board Pledges No Tax Increases This School Year

These are unprecedented times, and every family, business, organization, student, and parent in Quaker Valley has been impacted.

“Although we cannot predict the lasting effects of this pandemic to the District’s long-term planning, too many families are experiencing difficulties at this time, and raising taxes is simply not a consideration or an option,” said Board President Sarah Heres.

The District has demonstrated great fiscal responsibility in managing finances to date including three contract negotiations, a new transportation contract, the many day-to-day activities of a school district, along with the strategic financing of a new high school. The mission of Quaker Valley is exemplified by these efforts to educate and empower all learners to design their best future.

“We are fortunate that our Board has led a strategic long-term approach to plan to save for future liabilities and capital needs that have provided the District with a strong financial position,” said Scott Antoline, Quaker Valley School District Director of Finance and Operations. “Just as is happening in households throughout our community, we will revisit expenditures, use savings as necessary, and weather through this uncertain time together.” 

“As you know, school buildings are closed, but our schools are open. We continue to provide digital education and engagement, connecting learners with technology access, ensuring the wellbeing of our faculty and staff, and ensuring a fiscally efficient district for our community even during this moment of crisis. At Quaker Valley, we know our learners and their families are facing challenges and changes in family finances, resources, and health needs, and our number one priority is to continue to meet our community’s needs.” says Superintendent of Schools, Tammy A. Andreyko.

The District is committed to serving the needs of learners and families now and in the future. This spring, that commitment has led us to:

  • Feed students: each week, District employees provide more than 120 meals so that our students have a healthy breakfast and lunch each day.
  • Increase access to counseling: our counselors continue outreach to learners and their families, using new ways to reach those who need assistance.
  • Deliver tech options for students in need: QVSD offers software and devices to students who need them, as well as remote support for all users in the District. 
  • Continuous communication: as you know, email knows no off day. Our team continues to respond to students, parents, and community members at all hours of the day.
  • Support employee health: the wellbeing of faculty and staff is a priority always, and especially now. We’ve been busy offering support and resources for employees’ health, safety, and wellbeing. 
  • Clean and sanitize buildings: our custodial and maintenance staff are hard at work behind the scenes making sure that our buildings are safe and ready for students to return for the lucky day when we can return. 

“We are normally excited for springtime.  We are attending games, concerts, prom, and planning for commencement.  Everything has changed.  We have sincere empathy for our students, but especially for our seniors.  This change has been especially difficult for them.  Many special plans are underway to celebrate their accomplishments and reflect upon their memories of their time at QV.  We hope to make it special,” says Andrew Surloff, Assistant Superintendent.  

“This week, as we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to personally thank our faculty and staff for their hard work and effort during this unique time. We look forward to recognizing their care and talents this week,” adds Andreyko.

The Quaker Valley School Board and all District employees are united in our commitment to our community during this challenging time.  We encourage Quaker Valley residents to join us for virtual school board meetings on May 12 and May 19. Prior to the meetings, should you wish to access board meeting agendas, please visit www.qvsd.org.

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