QVMS Students earn 6th Place at Regional Science Olympiad

On March 4, 12 QVMS students competed in the Southwestern PA Regional Science Olympiad Competition at California State University. We congratulate the following for their preparation and performance as they teamed up for 23 events in subjects that crossed Life, Earth/ Space, Physical/ Chemical, Technology/ Engineering, and Nature Sciences:
  • Alexis Moran
  • Blake Wilmot
  • Henry Zupanc
  • Joyce Olawaiye
  • Lea Mauer
  • Liam Welge
  • Nathaniel Weaver
  • Noah Ruiz
  • Oliver Graham
  • Rocco Lorence
  • Sasha Zupanc
  • Sienna Albano
Overall, the QVMS Science Olympiad Team placed 6th in a group of 17 middle schools and qualified for the PA State Competition in April.  The team took home medals in six events and placed in the top half for 17 out of the 23 highly competitive events! These contributions were instrumental in the team's overall 6th place result. 
Below are the medals achieved by the team at the regional competition:
  • Anatomy & Physiology: 4th place, Blake Wilmot & Joyce Olawaiye
  • Boomilever: 3rd place, Lea Mauer & Oliver Graham
  • Disease Detectives: 3rd place, Sasha Zupanc & Sienna Albano
  • Mission Possible: 4th place, Nathan Weaver & Oliver Graham
  • Ornithology: 3rd place, Noah Ruiz & Sasha Zupanc
  • Write It Do It: 4th place, Sasha Zupanc & Sienna Albano
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