QV Musicians Selected for Honors Orchestra

The festival took place at  North Hills Junior High and featured musicians from Hampton, Shaler, North Hills, Deer Lakes, and Mars.  Students rehearsed for only one day together.  During that time, one director from each school district rehearsed a chosen piece of music for about an hour.  Students polished their music as they learned something new from each director.  The students then performed their pieces that evening at a concert. Congratulations to:
Olivia Gnad-Cello
Louisa Webster-Cello
Baya Swinston-Cello
Sanai Horne- Violin I
Keira Cowher- Violin I
Bella Soderstrom- Violin I
Kathryn Main- Violin II
Zoey Murawski- Violin II
Mia Strelec- Violin II
Paige Geason- Viola
Hannah Lubert- Viola
Emma Smith- Bass
Rose Shaner- Bass
Maddox Canon- Bass
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