QV Students Compete at PA Junior Academy of Science

Students from Quaker Valley grades 8-12 attended this year’s Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS) at Duquesne University. PJAS gives students the chance to present their experimental methods and analysis to a panel of judges including local science teachers, college professors and industry scientists. Any student earning a 1st place award is invited to present their experiment again at the PJAS state competition at Penn State University in May.

Congratulations to:

 Sophia Besterman: 2nd place award for "Effect of Roundup on the Regeneration of Planarian"

Lucy Fardo:  2nd place award for "The Effect of Type of Flour on the Mass of a Cupcake"

Julia Garvic:  1st place award for "Lights Have Feelings Too!'

Rebecca Graham: 1st place award for "Analyzing the Effects of Dyslexia Font & Screen Size on Reading Success in Dyslexics"

Lindsay Gledhill:  1st place award for "Analyzing the Effect of Fertilizers on Plant Growth"

Rena Gilligan:  1st place award for “The Effect of Yardage on a Swimmer's Time"

Oliver Graham:  1st place award for "Analyzing the effect of mouse DPI on accuracy"

Oliver also won a Duquesne University Excellence Award for having the top middle school experiment in Computer Science.

Luke Greb:  1st place award for "Does singing with more people make people less nervous?"

Ellie Graham: 2nd place award for "Do Different Activities Influence Our Perception of Color?"

Emma Grubb: 2nd place award for "Analyzing Impact of Phytoremediation on Leached Plastics in Freshwater"

Amelia Hermann: 1st place, and awarded Dr. Kurt Schreiber Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry  Sugar Tech: Testing Low Tech Solutions For High Tech Matters"

Scarlett Hudson:1st place, ​and awarded Duquesne University Excellence in Microbiology "Effect of Puncture on Biofilm Growth in Saline Implants"

Meera Kumar: 2nd place award for "The Affect of Temperature on Hair Lighteners"

Conor Kelley: 2nd place award for "Effect of Positive Encouragement on Optimism"

Hope Linge: 2nd place award for "How Different Temperatures of Hydrogen Peroxide Clean a Cut"

Jeana McCracken: 1st place award for ​"Analyzing the Affect of Personality Traits on Teamwork"

Phoebe Morrill: 2nd place award for "Testing the Strength of Alternate Aggregates in Concrete"

Isabella Murano: 2nd place award for "Do Different Types of Fruit Affect the Shelf Life of Yogurt?"

Mary Pangburn: 1st place award for "The Effect of Volunteer Work on Geriatric Mood"

Sydney Persuit: 1st place award for "The Effects of Artificial Sugars on Slime Molds"

Michael Ponzo:  1st place award for  "Type of container vs Food preservation"

Michael also won an Duquesne University  for having the top middle school score in Chemistry

Mia Rosa Pugliano:  1st place award for "Effect of Areas of Income on One's Willingness to Interact"

Taruna Singh - 1st place, and awarded Duquesne University Excellence in Pharmocology 

"The Effect of Ibuprofen on Bifidobacterium Composition in the Microbiome"

Emma Smith: 2nd place award for "The Effect of Common Pollutants on the Wisconsin Fast Plant"

Jillian Umstead: 1st place award for "The Impact of Gender on Aggression, Competition and Empathy"


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