Osborne and Edgeworth Students Compete at Creative Convention

Osborne and Edgeworth Elementary fifth grade students were invited to compete in the fourth annual Creative Convention hosted by South Fayette High School.  Two teams of four students from each school were nominated by their teachers to attend the event.  Approximately 20 teams joined the competition from local area schools.  Teams used creative, collaborative, and critical thinking skills as they completed a design challenge, and an artistic and writing challenge. 


The team members from Osborne Elementary were Anna Campbell, Giada Capezzuto, Hugo Castellini, Anna Fuener, Freya Gordon, Stanley Hyman, Rowan Wallace, EJ Williams


The team members from Edgeworth Elementary were Max Brackney, Harper LaLomia, Rachel Lee, Alex Polce, Tiya Singh, Milo Taylor-Martin, Maggie Watson, and Ruth Whitacre. 

One team from Osborne earned third place.  This team included: Giada Capezzuto, Anna Fuener, Stanley Hyman, and EJ Williams.

One team from Edgeworth earned first place.  This team included: Harper LaLomia, Rachel Lee, Alex Polce, and Ruth Whitacre.

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