The Book Stop Honored with Velma Award

Each year, at the start of the school year, Quaker Valley hands out the Velma Award. The Velma Award is named after longtime QV Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Velma Saire. It's given to a QV professional, duo, or group who 'sticks their neck out' for the purpose of taking a risk, or a chance to do something that will enrich Quaker Valley Schools and the community. 
This year the Velma was awarded to Mrs. Andrea Croft and Dr. Barbara Mellett for their work with The Book Stop.

Two years ago, Quaker Valley teamed up with the Sewickley Public Library, United Way, Union Aid, and Monark Student Transportation to collect thousands of books and distributed them to students throughout the summer. This program, called “The Book Stop” toured the district offering free books to students of all ages. Over the last two summers nearly 3,000 books have been distributed and many students had the chance to read and learn while at home for summer break. 

Because of this great initiative aimed at putting students first and igniting a passion for learning, this year’s Velma Award is given to Dr. Barbara Mellett and Ms. Andrea Croft for their work with the Book Stop. 

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