Students Honored With Year-End Awards

Each year four students are selected as the Superintendent's Citizenship Award. This year, a student from each building was nominated by their principal. The students were recognized at the school board meeting on May 22.
Congratulations to:
Alexa Westwood, Edgeworth Elementary School
Alexa is a strings member who runs, swims, plays basketball, tennis and soccer. She puts extra effort into her school work and always comes to school prepared. She enjoys helping her classmates and is an outgoing leader among her peers. Alexa makes everyone in her class feel included.
Alexa Westwood
Jayshri Shah, Osborne Elementary School
Jayshri is a model student in many ways. She is intuitive, empathetic, conscientious and intelligent. Jayshri is always helpful and a tremendous asset in the classroom. She takes part in band, helps with the school yearbook and has volunteered to help during community Storywalks.
Jayshri Shah
Miralhi Taylor-Martin, Quaker Valley Middle School
Miralhi is an ideal student who is conscientious and motivated. she is a leader and is not afraid to question the status-quo. In 6th grade Miralhi went to work to have water bottle fillers installed throughout the school. She worked with administration and maintenance staff to see the project through and the bottle fillers are still in the middle school today. She was instrumental in the CEO in a classroom project and is kind, caring, and compassionate. 
Miralhi Taylor-Martin
Andres Hubsch, Quaker Valley High School (not pictured)
Andres is a very accomplished student who has interned at the University of Pittsburgh and has received an A and four college credits for an Engineering class at Johns Hopkins University. For three years he has volunteered to help send medical supplies to a hospital in Venezuela. Andres is a member of the peer jury, he volunteers with World Vision, and last year he founded a high school student advisory system to pair seniors with freshmen to help them make the most of their high school years.
Each year the Quaker Valley School Board recognizes a graduating senior. This year the board recognized Sydney Schultz.
Throughout her high school career Sydney has been an exceptional student. She is a member of the National Honor Society and has taken several AP courses including World History, U.S. Government, Spanish and Psychology. Sydney serves as a member of Peer Jury and like to ski, run and play tennis. She has served two summers as a camp counselor in training and in 2018 was awarded the Challenge Program Community Service Award.
Sydney Shultz
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