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Recognize a Quaker Valley Staff Member

Staff members at Quaker Valley often go above and beyond what is required. If you wish to commend or thank a Quaker Valley staff member, please submit the following form. These comments and compliments will be shared with that staff member, his or her supervisor, and Quaker Valley Superintendent, Dr. Heidi Ondek. We say ThankQv too for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to recognize our staff members.

To contact a Quaker Valley School District staff member:

To email a staff member, click the envelope icon under their name in the directory. You can also click their profile link to view their email address. Please note that staff members will make every effort to respond to your email in a timely manner.

To contact a staff member by phone, dial 412-749-5557, then press 8 and their extension number when prompted. You may also search by last name by pressing 9. Click their profile link to see their extension number. Please note that dialing the extension will ring the phone four times, then go to voicemail.

To leave a voicemail message, dial 412-749-5557, then enter their voicemail number when prompted to enter their extension. Click their profile link to see their voicemail number. Please note that staff members will make every effort to respond to your call in a timely manner.

Direct Numbers
District Office: 412-749-3600
Edgeworth: 412-749-3000
Osborne: 412-749-4000
Middle School: 412-749-5000
High School: 412-749-6000

Quaker Valley School District
100 Leetsdale Industrial Drive - Suite B, Leetsdale, PA 15056 | 412-749-3600
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