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Osborne 2nd Graders Host Educational Pizza Party
Posted 02/04/2018 05:58PM

Students in 2nd grade at Osborne Elementary School created pizzas and tied it in to several lessons in their classroom. Teacher Mrs. Kristina DiRenzo says, "During math class students worked in groups to solve a variety of problems that would come up throughout the process of making pizza. These included things like doubling and tripling a recipe, measuring ingredients, using half measurements, figuring out the total number of trays we would use, working with elapsed time and figuring out a schedule to ensure pizza would have enough time to bake before lunch, etc."

In the Language Arts classes students created a procedural essay on "How to Make a Pizza." They also practiced reading recipe cards and comprehending the recipe. "In addition we practiced our grammar skills while we discussed the homophones "dough" and "doe" as well as "need" and "knead," DiRenzo adds.

Second graders also used the process of making the dough to discuss the difference between solids and liquids and how adding different ingredients can change the state of matter. This is in conjunction with their current science unit on "Changes in Matter."

"We also discussed culture and how different traditions, food, etc. come from various parts of the world. (This is in conjunction with our social students lessons on various regions of the world.) . We even learned the "Tarantella" which is a traditional Italian dance done at weddings," says Mrs. Direnzo.

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