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COVID Testing Program

Quaker Valley has implemented a COVID-19 testing program available in our schools for students and staff. The program provides a Voluntary Rapid Antigen test to help identify positive COVID cases more quickly. The District believes this will be increasingly important during the flu/cold season when more students and may have upper respiratory symptoms.
This is a voluntary, self-administered testing option available to us at no cost to the District, or our families and will be used to actively prioritize the protection of our students and staff for continued in-person learning and activities. Students under the age of 18 must have parental consent prior to testing, and parents will be contacted by a school nurse or athletic trainer to explain the testing program so parents can make informed decisions. Written consent is required and will be captured via a secure online digital portal. 
This program is only for symptomatic students and staff who present symptoms while on-campus. Our school testing will not act as a “clinic” for sick individuals who are at home or asymptomatic individuals who may have been identified as close contacts. Students who present with symptoms while at home should either test at home or seek testing at a medical facility or a certified clinic.
Students who test negative will have the option to resume school activities or be picked up if not feeling well enough to continue the day but will not be required to isolate. Students who test positive will be excluded from school following the CDC and ACHD guidelines. This protocol is the same for staff.
Like approved testing clinics, test results will be recorded in a secure online portal provided by the testing lab and are required to be uploaded to the PA Department of Health’s database.
The District is excited to provide this program for the convenience of our families and for the additional layer of mitigation, this can provide for the safety of students and staff.
For further explanation on program, eligibility, and data security, please click here to see the Board Presentation from October 12, 2021.