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Zoom Video Guidelines

As we proceed through this extended school closure, the District has been working on a plan to implement additional resources to enhance learning for our students. We know that many of our staff members, as well as students and parents/guardians, have requested the use of live video conferencing tools as part of our Continuity of Education Plan. We appreciate everyone's patience as we explored the privacy and safety considerations in order to develop appropriate guidelines for effective implementation.

After consultation with school solicitors and experts from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, we have developed guidelines for the use of video conferencing during remote learning at QVSD.


Teachers may choose to use live video conferencing as a tool for supplementing instruction beginning on April 13, 2020. Video conferencing may be used for both individual or group instruction.


Individual or small group video conferences may be used when a teacher recognizes that a student could benefit from one-on-one/small group instruction or reteaching of a concept. In this situation, the parent and the student will be notified by email that a teacher is requesting an individual audio or video conference with a child to provide additional instruction or intervention. An invitation will be sent to the parent (for K-5 students) or the student (for 6-12 students) indicating the day and time for the conference. Parents are always welcome to participate in individual student video or audio conferences.


Group video conferences such as discussions, small group instructional activities, or whole class meetings may also be used to supplement the primary instruction for a lesson. These live video conferences will be completely voluntary. Students will never be required to log in at a specific time to participate in a live session, and the main instructional tool for a lesson will never be provided requiring a live Zoom session. All primary instruction will be provided through pre-recorded sessions or written instructions/information. While parents are welcome to listen to a session alongside their students, parents may not use the links provided to join the session as an individual user on their own device.


The following guidelines will be utilized by District employees engaging in live video conferencing:

  • All live instruction and/or meetings will take place using Zoom, the District-supported platform.
  • Virtual interventions, meetings, or classes will not be recorded at any time.
  • Training will be provided and required of staff members who are interested in utilizing live videos prior to implementation. This training will review the safety and privacy protocols that teachers must use when creating and facilitating a Zoom video conference.


Although families may choose to create a Zoom account, this is not necessary to participate in a session with a teacher.  


Any parents who do not want their child to participate in video conferences should contact their respective building administrator, who will notify the teachers of the request to opt-out.

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Edgeworth Elementary School--Dr. Carol Sprinker (

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Quaker Valley High School--Mrs. Abby Bator (