Remote Learning District Communications

On Tuesday, March 31, Quaker Valley will move to an asynchronous remote learning platform. The asynchronous approach will allow students to work on lessons and assignments each day at their own pace, rather than having to meet with specific teachers/classes at a designated time of day.
All students will access their lessons through our learning management system, Schoology. Students will complete certain subjects each day as indicated by the remote learning schedule developed by each building. When your child logs in to Schoology, they will also be alerted to the lessons they will complete that day. Class schedules for each building and other information specific to each building are available on our website, Please use the links below to access these schedules and other information specific to each building:
Each day students should do the following:
  • Check-in for attendance—building information will explain this process
  • Log in to their Schoology courses to engage in instruction and complete assignments. Lessons will be posted in a Remote Learning folder in the child’s Schoology courses.
Beginning Tuesday, March 31, 2020, teachers and school counselors will be available online for Instructional Support Hours during the times indicated on the building schedules.
Should you need assistance, please use the following:
Accessing or navigating the Schoology pages: Building Technology Specialists
Determining what a student needs to complete each day: Please contact the individual teacher for the course. Contact information is available on their Schoology page.
Addressing technical issues with school-issued devices: Please contact the Building Technology Specialist listed above.
School counseling resources: Click here to learn more about available resources.
Nursing: Please contact the building nurse
Bridget Lee—Edgeworth Elementary School -
Rebecca Benedict—Osborne Elementary School -
Barbara Tuite—Quaker Valley Middle School -
Amanda Gilmore—Quaker Valley High School -
We believe remote learning will be a positive experience for you and your family. There may be some growing pains as we navigate this new territory, but we know they will be met with determination as this experience will create new opportunities for our entire QV community.
Beginning on March 31, 2020, Quaker Valley will be implementing our remote learning plan. This plan involves the delivery of instruction through our district-wide learning management platform, Schoology. In order for students to access remote learning, they will need three things:
  1. Access to a device
  2. Wi-Fi connection
  3. A Schoology account
Access to a device: Families who requested a district device will receive specific information on when and where to pick up the device.
Wi-Fi Connection: Options for Wi-Fi connectivity to access Schoology include:
  • A home network Wi-Fi connection (Comcast/Xfinity/Fios or another community provider)
  • Open Hot Spot (Xfinity Wi-Fi has opened all of their community hotspots for free public use during this COVID-19 pandemic) simply use a device or smartphone and check your list of available networks and look for “Xfinity Wi-Fi” log on and join the network
  • Comcast Internet Essentials Program - click for details
  • Smartphone Hot Spot (Many smartphones can be used as network hot spots for internet connectivity). Please contact your provider first as data limitations and fees may apply.
If none of these options are available for your family, please contact to explain your circumstances and the District will make every effort to accommodate your needs.
*Though the District is sharing this information as a resource to our students and families, the District does not endorse the use of any specific internet (Wi-Fi) provider.
Schoology Account: Students in grades 6-12 have accounts and routinely log in to Schoology via their District issued iPads. Students in grades 4 and 5 have used Schoology in their classrooms and should have usernames and passwords. Please check with your child to see if they can access their account, know their password and how to log in. Most students in grades K-3 will be logging in to Schoology for the first time and may need assistance (especially our youngest learners). For more information about how to login to Schoology, click here for details. Students and families who are having trouble logging into Schoology should email the building technology specialists in their respective schools.
Mr. Peter May (Edgeworth)
Mr. Paul Bodura (Osborne)
Mr. Thomas Demko (Middle School)
Mr. Richard Hollein (High School)
The District’s Wi-Fi network - QVPublic - is now open to the public without the need for a password. The Federal Communications Commission says schools are permitted to allow the general public to connect to school Wi-Fi networks during the school closure period. Internet access is filtered according to Federal guidelines.
Due to the large influx of students and teachers across the nation accessing Schoology, students may experience slower than normal response times.  We are aware of this issue and are working with Schoology to resolve.  Thank you for your patience.  
We know springtime is a busy time of year for plays, concerts, trips, dances, and so much more. We are closely following the guidance of Pennsylvania's Department of Education. Decisions regarding these events will be made soon.