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Beyond Bedtime Stories

Review: Beyond Bedtime Stories
by V. Susan Bennett-Armistead (Author), Nell Duke (Author), Annie Moses (Author)

A parent's guide to promoting reading, writing, and other literacy skills from Birth to 5.

Review by Deborah Meier, senior scholar and adjunct professor at New York University's Steinhardt School of Educaiton: 

"At a time when so many parents are jockeying to get their children into a top nursery chool because it may somehow eventually help them to get into a top college, this book is a wake-up call. The authors remind us of what's really important: doing what comes naturally with our children, enjoying our time with them, and sharing our own love of language, literature, and storytelling. Beyond Bedtime Stories is an advice-filled, Dr. Spock-like resouorce that shouldn't be used as a checklist of "must dos" but as a menu of pleasurable ways to weave literacy into family life."

Book Description
While most parents understand the importance of promoting literacy in their young children, they often aren't sure how to do it. This book provides guidance. Taking a ""literacy-throughout-the-day"" approach, the authors organize the book around spaces in the home-the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and so forth-and suggest fun, stimulating activities for building children's reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in those spaces. Filled with tips, photos, milestones to watch for, and great ideas to try today, Beyond Bedtime Stories is essential reading. For use with Grades PreK–K.

1. How to go on "Book picnics". 
2. How to promote literacy in the car, on the bus, on a train, and on the plane.
3.. How to find literacy in unexpected places
4. Guidlines for choosing books wisely
5.  Is it a good idea to try to "teach" your child to read before kindergarten?
6.  What to focus on and what to say during read-alouds to build comprehension.

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by V. Susan Bennett-Armistead (Author), Nell K. Duke (Author), Annie M. Moses (Author)

Book Description:
Research shows that literacy—the ability to listen, view, speak, read, and write - begins developing long before children enter elementary school. This book helps early childhood educators nurture that development. It begins with an argument for offering children literacy-rich activities and creating an environment for carrying out those activities. From there, it focuses on reading aloud, playing with words, and designing writing centers, book nooks, dramatic play areas, and other aspects of instruction. Loaded with photographs, student work, and straight talk about kids and learning, Literacy and the Youngest Learner is destined to become a classic.

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